Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wow, this is bad, I haven't posted in a really long time.

Today stressed me out so bad. First, I had to do a hand out for Self Injury Awareness day because Ryan Hoover decides to tell me LAST NIGHT that it is on March 1st, MONDAY. So during first period I was stuck in the library working on the handout, after having Mr. Innes get all snappy with me about having to leave his class when I really just wanted to punch him in the face but I held it in. And once at the library, the stinken librarian tells me to use the laptops and the LAPTOP would not access the internet even after I tried FOUR fucking TIMES. So, half the period wasted, I go over to the desktop, get the internet the first time, do my research, type up my paper and boom, done. So, I'm thinking, that's all I have to do for this fucking thing. WRONG! I then had to take it to the principal's secretary, get interrogated by her about what the handout had on it. What did she expect me to say? Porn? Then, she told me to come back down later. So I had to fit that into my busy schedule.

Also, we are holding a mock trial in English and I play Nastasya and yeah, I don't like being sat in front of a bunch of creepy sophmores (just kidding) and asked a load of questions about something that really didn't happen.

Also, I had to deal with musical today, oh joy. I had this enormous blow out with Anna, SURPRISE SURPRISE, right? This shit has been just waiting to happen. So, her boyfriend just had to get himself involved because you know I was totally doing something to him. Now he decided that he's just not going to talk to me and be pissed with me over NOTHING.
I love people and how incredibly FUCKING stupid they happen to be. At musical we were trying on costumes. OH YES, that's always fun. After trying on three different ones, I finally got one that fit but that was so tight that my boobs were shoved together so tightly that it created a uniboob. No clevage exists there.