Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So...I finnally showed everyone my dress

Ain't it pretty? I posted like what five blogs last night? I think they all count as one. Well today has been ok. Nothing much to talk about. I go in for my permit test again after school today. Everyone keeps telling me just to relax and read through the questions that I don't really need to study, I just need to not freak out before the test like I did last time. There was the creepy chinese kid behind me trying to see the other questions because he had just failed his test and I guess he wanted to know what other questions there were that he might get next time but he was like breathing down my neck and it really creeped me out.

Band is tonight. I may or may not go. It all depends on my mood...and how much homework I have. Well, I shouldn't have much. I did my french for this week and I finished my trig in class. I can't think of any other homework I'd have to do soooo, yea, I'll probably be at band....avoiding Lindsay like the good little girl I am because that's what they want me to do.

Alot of things actually ticked me off on Saturday, but I'm too smart to start listing them on here. I know what happened last time when I was angry and I vented on here. If I vent again, this link will probably be sent to the people I vented about and then they'll all quit guard or marching band or whatever and then I will get blamed again and I'm thouroughly tired of being blamed for everyone's bad moods. Its like I'm not even allowed to have my own problems because so many other people have their own that they want to involve me in.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Final Close up

And finnally here is a close up of the skirt. There really isn't anything amazing about the skirt part. Its just short. but again, its not as short on as it looks off.

If you understood what I was trying to say there, KUDOS to you because I didn't even understand it.

Close up 2

This is a close up of the middle of my dress. All of the wraplike parts here hide my stomach. I look model thin in it and no one can tell that I'm really Chubby McChub-Chub underneath it.

Close up number 1

This is a close up of the top part of the dress. The first picture was really vague so I enhanced it a little bit. Oh, and please Ignore my ugly as crap curtains in the background.

Here is my Homecoming dress that everyone wanted to see so bad. Yea, Yea, I know what you are going to say. "That's Short" well, I'm short people so the dress isn't all that short on me. It comes up about...mid thigh, I suppose. And yes, Erin Howie is wearing a strapless dress to homecoming, isn't that risky of her? nope. I look great in this dress and plus the wrappings around the middle of the dress hide my stomach. YAY! I LOOK SKINNY IN THIS DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I am just...

Doing what you told me to. You told me not to talk to you and that's what I am doing. I am not sure what you expected. You didn't want to deal with me so now I am not sitting with the band. I'm not sure what else you wanted.

Wow, that could've been an awesome poem. maybe I will go home and turn it into one. Mr. Miller is yelling at the class. I have to do that essay this weekend. I did everything else, the thesis statement, the outline, everything.

Band is not going to be fun tonight. That is simply the truth in itself.

I promised Lisa that I would put up a picture of my homecoming dress on this next time I get on. I will do that. My homecoming dress is dark purple. It has no straps. It has little sparkles all over the chest part. Its a wee bit on the short side and you'd think since I tottally hate my legs that I wouldn't like the dress being short but I will say this again, the dress makes me look gorgeous, something probably nobody my boyfriend thinks about me. It makes my legs look long and it doesn't make me feel short.

I'm probably going to sit with Brendon's grandparents tonight. I know that they aren't mad at me. Plus, Shelley will be with them and I love talking to her. I don't know if Austin or Brianna are going to be there. I know Brendon's grandparents, Shelley and Troy will be there. Josh, Becky, Austin and Brianna may or may not be there. I'm not positive. But, yea.

Band will suck tonight.

I will not be welcome.

This is not going to be good.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am...

Not taking back the words I said. I just deleted them. I am not apologizing entirely for everything. I meant alot of what I said. I will simply apologize for being immature the way I was. I will not take back the things I said.

If you are talking mean about someone in a post, please write their name. It shows you aren't a coward plus no one who isn't supposed to get hurt gets hurt.

Don't give up on the commitments you made because in the future you can't do that.

I will not talk to you because that is what you wanted.

I am done.

wow, I am way behind on the posts.

I have to have twenty by tomorrow. Yea, ok, I'll publish a ton once I get home. I'm really annoyed right now. Because I haven't gotten a chance to even start on my English yet. I have been so busy with French. I have done alot of the research though. I just haven't gotten a chance to type it all up. I showed Mr. Miller my intext citations already but he doesn't have it written in the gradebook. *sighs*

There was never anything written here

OH! Next post I will tell you about my homecoming dress. Its super pretty! I look gorgeous in it. Which is a rarity, I never look gorgeous.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There was never a blog here

There was never a nasty blog here. There was never a mean word said here. Simply forget that you are reading this and go about your life without wondering what was here before hand. There was never a blog here.

I am simply going to state to one person whose name shall not be mentioned because she doesn't want it to be that If she is going to talk about someone in her blog, me, in other words. Please, next time, just use my name. I don't care if people know my name but I do care if other people get hurt.

By using my name, you won't hurt anyone accept me, the person you wanted to hurt in the first place.

That is all I have to say

I had to leave early

I had a doctors appointment. I had to get my physical for school yet plus I had to get one for my permit which I am going in for tomorrow. THANK GOD! I have been waiting to get my permit for soooo long. Sixteen years actually. Haha.

Have you ever had a friend who complained about every little teeny weeny thing and you are standing there nodding and smiling and offering comforting words whilist inside your head you are imagining beating them multiple times with a metal pipe and screaming "YOU GONNA COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT? HUH?" But you just keep nodding and comforting and then afterwards you just walk away feeling murderous. Yea, I have an adopted Freshman who does that to me. Don't worry I haven't hit her with a metal pipe yet....haha just kidding just kidding.

There was never anything typed here, either.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Sweet Sixteen Party

ROCKED! oh my god. Bridget, Eryn, Amber, Pumpkin, Amanda and Kate came and it was REALLY fun. We had pizza and my cake was amazingly huge. Oh my god. It looked like an inferno. I had tied a balloon to my mailbox so that they could find my house better and me and amanda went outside in our pajamas at eleven thirty p.m and got it and tried to avoid the cars headlights. The people who drove by us are probably at home researching teenage rituals involving balloons and scissors and eleven at night. Those people have no lives. We stayed up really late watching John Tucker Must Die and How to Lose A Guy In Ten Days while we were playing Bull crap and Speed (both are card games, not drugs). Kate passed out at like two and the rest of us stayed up until three in the morning throwing the squid at each other and talking about how Bridget plans to kill us all. It was fun as crap. I got four new books and a wickedly awesome necklace from Eryn. I also got seventy bucks.

Today is my ACTUAL BIRTHDAY. I'm going in for my permit after school. My boyfriend, Brendon gave me a present it was bubblebath and perfume and a squigie and mosturizer and it smells REALLY REALLY GOOD. The card was the most adorable thing in the world.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm waiting for five o clock to come

My birthday party is today. We spent all day cleaning like crazy. My mom woke me up at seven a.m. I was not very happy about that. But I can't wait. This is going to be awesome. I can't write or shall I say type alot. I have to go help my mom with everything else. There is alot to be done yet.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sweet Thing

That's what my Brendon is. We were sitting there on the bus this morning and I had this bracelet that had a tiny little dreamcatcher on it. He started to play with it and then he said. "It's a dreamcatcher, and it works too because it caught my dream." And then he kissed me. And then I kissed him again because it was so sweet it deserved two kisses.

Aren't we adorable? haha

Tonight I go to Elco with Marching Band. YAY RUNNING! I gotta be back at the school at like 4:15. I wanted to stay after so I could kiss my boyfriend more but my stupid mom is making me come home so that I can clean up the house a little before my birthday party tomorrow. Already Jamie and Becky made me a card. I get to see it after this period.

I am alot smarter in Trigonometry than I thought I would be. I got a 90% on the first test of the year and when I got it back, I was like "Are you sure this is my test?"

That's all for now.
And to EVERYONE who asked me this today, I don't know why but there seems to be a new person who asks me the same question everyday. "How long have you and Brendon been together?"
Ten months and a week as of today. <3

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm still sitting here...

I haven't been in the same place for two days, just I'm just sitting here. I really don't have much to post about.
Hinkle said he doesn't see me with my boyfriend much. Well, we have like three classes together and that's it. We have chorus, study hall, and Lunch together. I walk with him all the time though. I love that boy. Just thought you should know, again.
My party is on saturday. After saturday I'm sure I'm going to have a ton to blog about. We sit outside and talk about pretty much anything and everything. Since there are SIX girls coming, I'll get to catch up with everyone. Its going to be a sleepover. We're having pizza and a CHOCOLATE on freaking CHOCOLATE cake. Oh MY GOD! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!! My real birthday is on Tuesday next week. I'll finnally be sixteen! Everyone else is already sixteen in my class.

Nothing much to talk about. That's it for now.

I promise to have a proper post up soon.

So, I'm sitting here...

worrying that I'm going to be sick at my birthday party. I am taking tylenol right now and it seems to be working, which is good. I don't want to be sick on Saturday.
As for yesterday's post, it was kind of just one of those days, you know? One of those crappy days where you just want to crawl into a hole and forget that you ever woke up that morning. Yea, I had one of those days yesterday.
Today, on the other hand is a lot better. I can't wait until saturday, there is a possibility of eight people coming but a definite six people coming. We're having pizza and a CHOCOLATE ON CHOCOLATE cake.

Have you ever gotten angry because you couldn't spell 'chocolate' right? I have. That was random.

I really don't know what to talk about, I'm sorry about this post being crappy. I will have a proper post up next time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a mean person

Did you know that? Have you ever looked in the mirror and hated that person looking back at you? Have you ever thought about your life and hated who you turned out to be? I have. I do. Have you ever wondered why people are even friends with you? I do, all the time. I'm such a mean, abnoxious, nasty person. I don't even know why people like me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend from H-E double hockey sticks

I was busy all weekend. Friday night was okay, despite the fact that I sat in the rain for four hours, but it was worth it. Northern Lebanon is 3 and 0 right now, undefeated. They won on friday 19 to 14. Those last two minutes were sooooooooo stressful. Shelley was sitting next to me saying "I can't watch, I can't watch." Yet, everytime they started the clock again, she was focused on the field. Friday was alright, I bought my homecoming dress on friday. Its really really pretty.
Saturday....Saturday was what made my weekend suck. Saturday was the first cavalcade for band. I was at the school from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon. I fell asleep on top of that ladder thing that Mr.Innes stands on and got majorly sunburnt. At 4:45 we left the school and went on an hour ride towards Hempfield. Once we got there we had a teeny tiny amount of time to practice and then we had to go on the field. I didn't trip over any flags this time. That is a good thing. I carried 24 flags off the field and Kendra carried 14. That is freaking ridiculous. Some people were walking off the field with only one flag. Kendra yelled at them. Good, they needed that. Right as we got back to the buses, I threw up all over the handicap stall in the women's bathroom, that wasn't fun. We got fifth out of six bands but the color guard got third out of six bands which was pretty good. The drumline only got 13.5. Its because of staging. When the drumline has a solo they are supposed to be staged. Our drumline was in the middle of the field, not at the front of the field. So yea, we need to fix that.
I'm done now, because I'm tired of Nick bugging me about typing too much

Thursday, September 11, 2008

today is Nine Eleven

Alisha made these bands with 9/11 written on them and it has stars and stripes on it and underneath that it says "We will never forget". She gave me one. Well, you are probably wondering how could anyone forget that day...my friend Kate did. Yea, and her dad is in the army. Just thought that was interesting.

I have guard practice tonight...oh boy. I heard there was alot of drama going on in guard. I can give you the gist of it. Apparently, (even though I was never informed of this but I'm just the runner, my job is to shut up and do what they tell me to at practice...) Emily and David (both are guard members) were going out since band camp. And then David broke up with Emily to be with Lauren (she's not on color guard this year but she was last year and no one liked her in colorguard last year.) and Heidi (Who IS on colorguard) who is Emily's best friend got really angry and yelled at David. David broke up with Lauren now.

Emily is ok. I talked to her today in the hallway. She's alright. I don't know about Heidi and David. I really don't care about David, I'm worried about Heidi though. And not to sound mean but I greatly dislike Lauren so I don't care that David dumped her and I don't care how she feels about that. (in fact I know how she feels about it. She sits next to me in chorus and never shuts up, so she tells me everything, even if i don't want to know.)

So yea, I really don't know what practice is going to be like tonight. I guess I'll just find out huh? Emily is alright, I actually have alot of friends on guard. There's Emily, Reba, Kate, Rachel, Lisa, Heidi, Haylie and Brittany. They are my friends.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought someone was talking to you and you answered their question anyway and then the person they actually asked the question to answers and you're like "oh my god, I'm such an idiot."? I have had a few of those moments myself. Well class is almost over so I have to cut this off. I'll post a new one when I get home today.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another day another blog

To update you all on my life, I did okay in French. The teacher gave me total credit even though I finished it a day late. Oceanography on the other hand...I'm really thinking about dropping that class. I really want to go on the Delaware trip but I hate the class. If you hate the class, you should drop it right? It's too hard. I don't understand half the things we talk about and I really really just dislike the class and the teacher. So I don't know. Oh my god I almost put that in texting talk. I almost said 'idk' yea, that would have been beneficial to my English grade right? The only class I am having problems in right now is Oceanography. I aced all the tests in my other classes and I just really really hate this class. I walk into this class everyday and I think "I wish I could drop this class", seriously. I hate Mr.Frain, ok that was harsh. I don't really hate him. I just dislike him greatly. It's probably because he moved me in study hall all because I talked to my boyfriend. In all the other study halls you are allowed to talk as long as its quiet and you are allowed to move but no in our study hall you sit there, you shut up and you have to do something with yourself. Its FIRST PERIOD, if i did all my homework the night before like a good student then WHAT do I have to do?

Yea, I'm done complaining now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I haven't posted a blog in awhile, which is a bad thing because this whole blog thing is for English and we are supposed to do five a week and I'm only posting one now. We have to have five by friday. I guess I can achieve that. I did a ton of crap on French today. I'm considering dropping Oceanography because it's really hard and I don't think I can do it and plus its not beneficial for my college applications because I want to be a teacher, not anything that has to do with the ocean. So yea. Anyway, my friends are fighting. That's nothing out of the ordinary. Its mostly Tracy. She's been a little ehhh lately. I use the word ehh because, hello, this is for my english class, I can't exactly swear and/or use words that aren't valid in the English language. So I might as well be mature about this (I am only mature because I have no other choice). We have to do Accelerated Reader again, oh yay! I hated that last year. Oh my god, I can't believe that the computers at our school remember all the books we ever took tests on. So now I have to actually read new books instead of doing them on the same books I used to do every year.

Wow, that was all one paragraph. I don't think it was actually supposed to be one paragraph. I probably should've seperated some of that, but hey, I'm tired and irritable and I don't really want to talk about much right now. There's alot I want to say in this blog but I don't know if Mr.Miller actually reads these things or not so I might as well not, just in case he does. If he doesn't then, oh well. If I treated this like an actual journal there would probably be alot more profanity and alot more description about the fight between Tracy and David and Amanda. But yea, (again with the yea thing, I annoy the crap out of myself seriously.) you just live and let go, I guess.

I'm probably the only person in the entire world who annoys herself more than she annoys anyone else. hahahahaahahahhahahahaahhahaha that's kind of funny actually.

OK, I'm concluding this blog.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Speak Out

Ok, so I have this bracelet on my arm, its basically a blue rubber bracelet with a silver metal thing on it that has "Speak Out" engraved in black on it. People keep asking me what its about. Well September is supposed to be National Speak Out Against Domestic Violence month. Did you know that one in every three women will be abused by their significant other? So that's why I am wearing this bracelet. No woman should ever be abused. This all reminds of that song by Red jumpsuit Apparatus. You know the one, "Face Down"? I have that Cd. I love that song. No woman should be abused...ever and if you are being abused, call the police or somehow get out of that relationship I M M E D I A T E L Y

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So...I never actually explained what a G.N.O is...

A g.n.o is code for Girls Night Out. Me and a huge group of my friends made these about this time last year. We started them because my friend's dad died and we wanted to get her mind off of it. So I got a bunch of her closest friends together and we went and saw Juno. It really did help her get her mind off of it and just have fun with her friends. She slept over at my house that night and we did karaoke and guitar hero and all that stuff. She said it was the best night ever.

Now me and that exact same friend, I'm not naming names. But now her and I don't even talk anymore. Why? Well she called me and one of my many other best friends ugly. And she keeps saying that I'm going to turn out just like her pregnant teenage cousin. Yea, ok, Just because I have boyfriend, doesn't mean I'm sleeping with him alright? And she always was telling me how stupid I was. Her exact words cannot be written on here because that's profanity. Yea.

I just noticed that I say yea alot. It bugs the crap out of me. So, I bug the crap out of me...yea...

Ok, well anyway, what else can I tell you about myself? Well, my birthday is soon. Really soon. I'm almost sixteen. My sweet sixteen sleepover is on the twentieth. My mom let me invite ten people. Isn't that awesome? I hope we can all fit in my living room floor. The most people I ever had sleepover at one time was four people. That was on my fifteenth birthday. I invited Hortencia, Pumpkin, Kate and that foreign exchange student Sari. They all came. Sari and Amber slept on the two couches and Kate, me and Hortencia slept on the floor.

TEN people though, wow, we still have to figure out what cake I want. I can't believe my birthday is so close. I don't even know what I want yet.

My parents are going to take me out to dinner for my actual birthday. My boyfriend is going to come with us. Oh my god, I just realized, on this birthday I'm going to have a boyfriend. I don't know if I told you this already but November 12 it'll be a year for us. That's really exciting. I can't believe that this year I will be going to homecoming with my BOYFRIEND. Not just a date that I have a crush on. No, I'm going to homecoming with my Boyfriend. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, that's enough of that.

Oh, I have been reunited with a childhood friend way back from like second grade when I lived in North Carolina. Her name was Brittini Carter. She was my best friend who lived right down the street from me and after I moved to Mexico and I was sure that I was never going to talk to her again. But she found me on facebook and gave me her cell number and we are talking like I never left North Carolina at all. If any of you all out there used to live in Pelham, North Carolina, I was that little redheaded girl who lived on that house right across from Sarah Catherine's. I'm sure no one but my family has ever moved from that place. Sarah Catherine's family has lived there for like generations. Well anyway, Brittini is in college now, she's got a boyfriend. We talked about anything and everything last night.

Well Wiley and Nick say I need to calm down and stop typing so much so I will just close off this post for now. See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The title...

Today I guess I will finnally explain what "widgit ca" means. Its probably not as long as a story as I make it sound but anyway. Back in ninth grade, I was a stupid, immature freshman. My aunt bought me this high tech video camera for my birthday. I have this friend named Tracy who is almost as insane as I am. Together we are two halves of a whole lunatic. Anyway, I was really bored one day and I made this really stupid movie about her and I trapped on an island. And I don't know what I was actually trying to say but I said "WIDGIT CA!" really loud, and we only discovered this when her and I were watching the movie later. Ever since then Widgit ca has been used as a swear word, something to say to confuse the crap out of people (Like on here) and many other ways. I write alot of stories. Some of them are fanfics. If you don't know what a fanfic is, its a story written by a fan based off of another story. I hope that helped that's the only way I know how to describe. If you ever wanted to read any of my mine go to www.fanfiction.net. I have two stories up currently. "Perpetual Love" has become fairly popular on there even though I haven't updated it in a month. It has six chapters so far. The other story is called "As Fate Would Have It". My author name is Little Chiyo.
They are fanfics though. I do write my own stories all the time. My best one....would have to be "Blood Choice". Its a story about werewolves. They actually can bounce between human and wolf form. Its mostly about a Werewolf named Raine. She gets lost from her pack when she is a puppy and adopted by a vampire named Trinity. Later on, Raine finds her pack again and is immediately entered in a love triangle. The alpha, Pierce wants her for his own. Raine, on the other hand is in love with another wolf by the name of Fang. Its a really good story involving romance and some horror. Major drama. There are parts that made me cry even though I was the one writing it, the part that has made everyone cry that's read it is the part where Raine, impregnated by a rape by Pierce, gives birth and all of her puppies are stillborn.

Yea. I'll write about another story I wrote next time I am on. My wrist hurts really bad and I don't want to type anymore.