Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I had to leave early

I had a doctors appointment. I had to get my physical for school yet plus I had to get one for my permit which I am going in for tomorrow. THANK GOD! I have been waiting to get my permit for soooo long. Sixteen years actually. Haha.

Have you ever had a friend who complained about every little teeny weeny thing and you are standing there nodding and smiling and offering comforting words whilist inside your head you are imagining beating them multiple times with a metal pipe and screaming "YOU GONNA COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT? HUH?" But you just keep nodding and comforting and then afterwards you just walk away feeling murderous. Yea, I have an adopted Freshman who does that to me. Don't worry I haven't hit her with a metal pipe yet....haha just kidding just kidding.

There was never anything typed here, either.

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