Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quick Update

Me and the boyfriend I was so sure would last forever, broke up. I'm still hurting. I'm with a new boy now, but I can't help feeling like I pushed things too fast with this one. I don't want him to feel like a rebound but that may actually be what he is. *sigh* I hate being me sometimes.

I leave for North Carolina in eleven days. I'm excited but I'm going to miss Nick (Nick Joel Allison, the new boyfriend)

I'm currently in a student council meeting, we're trying to plan homecoming. We've come with alot of amazing ideas. A neon theme where instead of selling tickets we sell glow bracelets and you'll get to keep that. A monopoly theme. A chocolate factory theme, mmmm, chocolate. I thought about like a starry theme with bright reds and golds, also the neon theme with the bracelets was my idea. A winter wonderland theme. A time theme, with clocks and crap everywhere. A fairy tale theme, we could call it like a Knight with You. An aladin theme where we could take the tops of those little cars that kids ride in and the court would come in on a "magic carpet" type thing. A disney theme where the court would be Mulan, Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, so on and so forth. We also are having a full court for each grade. King and Queen for twelfth grade. Prince and Princess for eleventh. Duke and Duchess for tenth. Lord and Lady for ninth. Something like that. They want to play like a specific playlist to each theme but we think people wouldn't come, well they would but they'd leave. I'm keeping more notes than our secretary is.

Lets see, is there anything else I'd like to update you on? Well, I got hired at the renaissance faire as a water hawker. Um....I'm not thinking of anything else. I haven't really gotten the chance to write considering I work all the time. I'll work on that if bugged enough. I'm really not supposed to be on here.

Before I go though, I'd like to add some new random quotes to your Erin's Random Quotes notebooks, I know you have them don't lie.

This was during a conversation about the song Devour by Shinedown. If you don't know, I advise you to immediately go to Imeem and look it up, now.

Erin: I could have hot, angry, hate sex to that song.

Ok, the next two are from marching band tuesday night. The first one is because I was trying to figure out how to play this one part and I was going really slow and then Anna hears me and plays the whole part completely perfect and at the right speed. So my response to that was:

Erin: I don't appreciate your face.
Jenny: *laughs* I appreciate your face, Anna.

This next was tired, I was up until three a.m the night before, I had spent all day at Hershey with Nick. Jenny's pants were falling down. What makes this quote epic is the fact that neither of the two things have anything in common...

Erin: Jenny, say no to crack, in Africa don't eat.

Yeah, because that makes a crapload of sense and then me, Anna and Jenny started discussing exactly why Kids in Africa don't eat and then I started complaining, saying that in Africa there are these huge ass elephants, why don't they just eat elephants? They should eat babies, somehow we came up with that. And now, our response to everything is "Quit doing _____ because Kids in Africa don't eat." And no I don't know why I keep capitalizing the k in kids. I didn't do it that time.

For example:
"She should quit being such a bitch, because kids in Africa don't eat."

One last quote:
Jenny: I need a drink
Erin: I need you in my pants.

Ok, I know I said this was going to be a quick update. I'm sorry I lied. I had to update you on everything. Ok, before I go I have to demand you add these next few songs to your summer playlist:

Second Chance by Shine Down (theme of my life currently)
Don't Trust Me by 30H!3
Te Queiro by Flex fet. Belinda

Ok, now I'm done. I swear. sorry for lying about it being quick.... that's what she said... ok. I'm sorry....bye.

Friday, June 5, 2009

School Year is Officially Over

And I no longer have to care about language on here because it's no longer a school grade. FUCK. That felt good.

So lets review my accomplishments my Junior year:
~ I survived Musical
~ I survived Marching Band
~ I survived Trignometry (Averaged an A for the year!!!!!)
~ Still with Brendon, still love him very much
~ Finally started Crimson Sorrow
~ Made New Friends that I know will last forever (Ben and Angela)

Haha, my accomplishment today?
The alarm on my dad's watch was going off and would not stop so I just stare at it and scream "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" and my sister just cracked up.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Final exams and Writer vs. Author

I took my trig final. I got a B on it which was alot better than I expected. I have my chemistry final next period which I am certain I am going to bomb, no doubt about it. I suck when it comes to chemistry. I am just not a science person. Most writers aren't. I'd call myself an author but when I hear "author" I think of some outstanding, professional or almost professional person, whose words literally move people to tears. I don't see my stories as that. I see my stories as Juvenile and immature, they need alot of work before they become the types of stories that bring people to tears or laughter or whatever I'm trying to convery. Haha, I'm pretty sure authors don't use huge @$$ run on sentences like I just did. And they probably don't start a sentence with "and" and they probably don't ever use the nonexistant word "fer" in replace of for or say "yous". Yes, yes, I know. I'm pretty much degrading myself and my stories on my own blog, but what's your opinion? Am I just a writer? Or am I an Author?

Ben, by the way, you are an author, not a writer.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Could not think of a title....

So, I found a notebook me and Jamie used at the beginning of the year, before she left school to take care of Alaina and I have come to a conclusion: I say the word F#ck more than should be legal in one sentence when I am angry.

My favorite sentences in the Jamie & Erin Notebook:

~Kate was b!tching at me when I was trying to fix her f*cking uniform so she didn't look like such a f*cking skank on the f*cking field and then Heidi b!tched at me too for trying to fix Kate's f*cking uniform even though it was none of her f*cking business anyhow so why didn't she just turn the f*ck around and leave me the f*ck alone?

(there are seven f*cks in that sentence alone.)

~I knew Michael Jackson had something to do with the missing notebook, I knew I could smell his Thriller perfume (he doesn't wear cologne, perfume draws little boys to him because he smells like their mommy).

~In truth, her @$$ swallowed her face.

~I wish babies won't crap alot.

(I love that sentence simply because it is the worst grammar I have ever seen.)

~Its alot of fun, unless we are sitting in the rain freezing our @$$es off, then it sucks hairy monkey anus and I don't think sucking hairy monkey anus is good for your health.

~You are NOT a fatty, you are pregnant. You're just spermy.

And that concludes the Jamie and Erin quotes.
There's an Erin and Angela texting quote that I would like to share with you. We were having a "f*ck fight" and I won with this following sentence:

~I f*cking love f*cking the f*cking f*ck outta f*cking you. Holy f*ck. That didn't make any f*cking sense.


I had a liter of F*CKING red mountain dew.
Leave me alone

Brendon and Erin Quotes:

Erin: Quit being such a d!ck
Brendon: Quit being such a vagina

hahahaha I seriously almost peed when he said that. Talking about pee, I peed like eight times in the past two hours. Thought you'd like to know. Back to Erin and Brendon quotes, or Brendon and Erin quotes....WTF it doesn't f*cking matter which f*cking order they are in.


Brendon: Screw "I freaking love you" Erin, I f*cking love the f*cking he!! out of you!!!



Last second quote from Creative Writing

Sierra: I am not keeping any of my baby girls, I don't want a girl.
Erin: I'll take your girl
Sierra: You will? She'll probably be a slut
Brittany: If she's yours, then yeah