Monday, June 1, 2009


Could not think of a title....

So, I found a notebook me and Jamie used at the beginning of the year, before she left school to take care of Alaina and I have come to a conclusion: I say the word F#ck more than should be legal in one sentence when I am angry.

My favorite sentences in the Jamie & Erin Notebook:

~Kate was b!tching at me when I was trying to fix her f*cking uniform so she didn't look like such a f*cking skank on the f*cking field and then Heidi b!tched at me too for trying to fix Kate's f*cking uniform even though it was none of her f*cking business anyhow so why didn't she just turn the f*ck around and leave me the f*ck alone?

(there are seven f*cks in that sentence alone.)

~I knew Michael Jackson had something to do with the missing notebook, I knew I could smell his Thriller perfume (he doesn't wear cologne, perfume draws little boys to him because he smells like their mommy).

~In truth, her @$$ swallowed her face.

~I wish babies won't crap alot.

(I love that sentence simply because it is the worst grammar I have ever seen.)

~Its alot of fun, unless we are sitting in the rain freezing our @$$es off, then it sucks hairy monkey anus and I don't think sucking hairy monkey anus is good for your health.

~You are NOT a fatty, you are pregnant. You're just spermy.

And that concludes the Jamie and Erin quotes.
There's an Erin and Angela texting quote that I would like to share with you. We were having a "f*ck fight" and I won with this following sentence:

~I f*cking love f*cking the f*cking f*ck outta f*cking you. Holy f*ck. That didn't make any f*cking sense.


I had a liter of F*CKING red mountain dew.
Leave me alone

Brendon and Erin Quotes:

Erin: Quit being such a d!ck
Brendon: Quit being such a vagina

hahahaha I seriously almost peed when he said that. Talking about pee, I peed like eight times in the past two hours. Thought you'd like to know. Back to Erin and Brendon quotes, or Brendon and Erin quotes....WTF it doesn't f*cking matter which f*cking order they are in.


Brendon: Screw "I freaking love you" Erin, I f*cking love the f*cking he!! out of you!!!



Last second quote from Creative Writing

Sierra: I am not keeping any of my baby girls, I don't want a girl.
Erin: I'll take your girl
Sierra: You will? She'll probably be a slut
Brittany: If she's yours, then yeah


B. Christman said...

A liter of red mountain dew... wow...

you're so cute when you're hyper. ^_^

Paige said...

Hey sweetie i just randomly found this i was trying to find a psychotic pic and i found you wow what dose that say lol jk jk but i love you cuz talk to you sooner or later when ever you reply to my dang letter!! lol loves <3