Friday, May 29, 2009

Aw, you guys are so sweet

Amanda and Ben are atleast. They made me smile. See, I don't actually see myself as a nice person. Now, I'm going to ask something else of you. And if you do it, I need you to do it and pretend that I don't have feelings when you do ok?

I want you to evaluate my faults. What do I do that you see as wrong? What cracks are in the foundation that is me? Am I stubborn? Do I have an easy to set off temper? Am I too dramatic? Am I sensitive? Am I easy to hurt? Evaluate my faults. Do it NOW


B. Christman said...

Well, the only major fault I see with you is that you don't think much of yourself at all.

You are stubborn, but I like that about you. It makes you more fun.

It is fairly easy to set off your temper and you are easy to hurt, but I like that too. It makes being with you challenging, and I love a challenge.

I don't think that you're too dramatic or sensitive. You act in a way that I think is consistent with everything you've been through. (Listen to me getting all Psychological. lol)

You're faults make you who you are, and I'm sure everybody will agree with me when I say that we love you exactly the way you are. I know I do, anyway.

personality: unique said...

You are definately stubborn!!! LOL! But, it's in a good way. You don't let people push you around and that's smart.

You can have a temper if you are in the mood, but that's not very often. And everyone can have a temper at times!

You are dramatic in your own. You aren't dramatic like prissy, but you and Angela are dramatic in your own way, if you know what I mean.

You are sensitive, but that's a good thing. If you weren't, you wouldn't have feelings or care about the feelings of others. And I know that you care.

I think to those you let close, you could be easily hurt. But, isn't everyone vulnerable to those they love?

Ben is so right!! We love you the way you are! Everyone has faults, so don't you dare think less of yourself!!

Nick said...

To be absolutely honest, I'm not around you enough to properly evaluate your flaws. the only one I see that i am certainly qualified enough to comment on is being to hard on yourself. That's about it. stay who you are, we wouldn't love you any other way than what you are right now.