Monday, May 4, 2009

Crimson Love

That's the title of my story. So, for all the worry warts that I know, I want you to navigate away from this page immediatly. I mean it, I don't need you reading this and calling 911 thinking I'm dying. You know who you are....leave...I mean it...I MEAN IT

Ok, now that they left (hopefully), I can talk to all you non-panickers. First period, I had what would probably be the equivalent of an asthma attack, only a bit more severe. It was chorus, and I could not quit coughing and then my throat closed up...which was the most frightening part...I couldn't get any air in at all, so I'm sitting there, in the middle of chorus...turning purple...while everyone else sang "I will survive"....ironic, much? And the only people that noticed that i was pretty much dying were Anna and the girl on the other side of me. Since first period I have had about.....three more mini-attacks like that one.

I swear to god if Mr.Panic Attack is still reading this, I'm going to kick your butt.

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