Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hehe, its a cute smiley. So, if I can somehow get on Max's good side (which I intend to do with a ton of flattery and cookies) I'm going to ask (ok, more like beg on bended knee) for him to take me to get my very first tattoo done on my seventeenth birthday. I already know what I want (a rose), where I want it (front part of my shoulder) and where I want it done (chuck's). I just need the person over eighteen to accompany me and he's the one person I think I could get to do it.

Ok, so about this rose, I'm having an arguement with myself over whether or not I should get it dedicated to Matthew, someone I never personally knew, but touched a person I truly care about (even though apparently I don't treat him good enough) very deeply. I'm told that Matthew wouldn't have just liked me, he would've loved me. I don't know, because I don't want to offend anybody by getting it dedicated to him.

Huuuuh decisions decisions.

Ok, so what I'd like to discuss today are victory dances, fake nails, and....peepee?

Victory dances:
Do you have one? I love people's victory dances. I work at hershey park, and when people win my game (rarely does that happen) they have victory dances...there has been alot of butt smacking, hip thrusting and much much more going on. We all have one, mine is pretty hilarious, I jump up and down and scream and its probably really cute when looked at from someone else's eyes. I just think I look like a dork. So, what's your victory dance.

Fake Nails:
The chick in this class has fake nails and I can't stand hearing her type. It makes me want to kick a puppy.

ummmmmmm not sure how that got in here.

Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, do not try to exit the car while the ride is still in motion and remember not to pee on the ride because then I have to clean that crap up....pee up....WHATEVER *click*

me: WOW SOMEONE'S IMMATURE *throws phone*

Ok, here's what really happened:
"WHATEVER" *hangs up*
me: B!TCH! *throws phone*

its only funny looking back at it now.


Erin said...

I left a comment on my own post first before anyone else could, I'm so proud of myself.

Erin said...

*does victory dance*b

Erin said...

FRIGGIN B! that was NOT supposed to be there

Erin said...


Erin said...


Erin said...


Erin said...


B.D.C said...

You're one off, sweetie. ^_^

I'm pretty sure that Max would take you to get your tattoo. My mom doesn't want him to, but I'm sure he would.

I think it'd be really sweet if you would get it dedicated to Matthew. And the only time you don't treat me well is when I don't deserve to be treated well (When we're fighting, for example). Who would you offend by getting it dedicated to him?

My victory dance is a lot of fist pumping and yelling "HE||Z YEAH B!TCHES!" I'm sure yours is really cute.

Fake nails creep me out.

Hm... no comment on the peepee... wait... that was a comment... hm... *Shrugs*

Erin said...

okie dokie smokie.


B.D.C said...

Yeah... well... um... damn... I don't have a comeback...

Erin said...

you swear alot