Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So...Last night

I only went to bed around one or two and I was severely stressed out because of things that happened between me and Brendon (surprise, surprise, right?) And, I have always been slightly epileptic, not to the point of a whole body spasm and me peeing on the floor and biting through my lip (that's a Grand Mal seizure), but have what are called "simple or partial" seizures. Which basically means, its only one movement that I can't control. Its usually my legs, they just start twitching uncontrollably. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt. I'm just super tired afterward, its a side effect of any type of seizure.

What my point was, last night between fifteen minutes and a half an hour after I went to sleep, I woke up violently seizing, a whole body type thing. It passed pretty quickly, I think it had been going on awhile though, because all my muscles are severely tense along with my jaw and I am having trouble even keeping my head up in class. I've slept through period 2-4/5 and I'm barely functioning now. I don't know what sparked it and I'm really scared, because I just woke up and I was really shaking bad and it wasn't because I was cold, my house was hot as BALLS last night. I was shaking real bad and when it stopped I was all out of breath and it felt like I had just sprinted the mile, SPRINTED. I don't know if I'm getting my point across but I was severely tired and severely sore. When I got up this morning every muscle was sore and my jaw was really sore, it hurts to talk, which makes me think that one of two things was happening:
1.) My mouth was going too (seizing)
2.) I smacked my face off something and that's what woke me up.

You'd think if it were the second one I would've waken up with some cry but no, I just jolted awake like someone had just started blowing a trumpet in my ear and discovered that I was having a seizure.

My head feels so heavy, along with my eyes and it hurts to move because my legs are the sorest out of everything. My shoulder is hurting really bad and so are my arms. Ugh... if that wasn't a seizure, then I don't know what was. I knew I was slightly epileptic but I never assumed I'd have one like that, that sounds like a Grand Mal Seizure. I'm not sure what made it start because its obvious I was asleep when it started. So, I don't know. Stress, the enormous amount of emotional stress most likely.


B. Christman said...

Poor baby... If that happens again, I want you to call me. That's definitely something I need to know about.

I wouldn't be surprised if stress was the cause. You're going through a lot right now. I just wish there was something I could do to help.

Nick said...

I'm going to be frank here, go see a doctor. Talk to a chiropractor or do something. These are the types of things you don't blow off like it's only a one time thing.

I do agree with Ben that it might just be a stress related condition, but just see a neurologist, OK?

Frankness is complete. Get better.

Nick said...

Oh, since I believe accelerated reader is tomorrow, i am bringing in my flash drive and we are putting that header up. Alright?