Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I was a trooper

Atleast that's what David told me. I have a deathly fear of needles and I gave blood. I had a panic attack before, but atleast I didn't walk out like Steph Monk did. I was coming back from the bathroom and she comes out the door squealing "I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it." I sat there, watched other people get lanced and I didn't run away. I panicked. But I didn't run away. I actually brought Brendon down to hold my hand and he stayed because he thought watching the blood come out of my arm was cool, plus he liked getting out of class. I thought the blood coming out of my arm was nasty...ewww....

Ben wants me to write an autobiography. there are a number of reasons why I'm not gonna do that.

Reason #1.
There is absolutely nothing, nada, rien, nichts, niente, niets, ничего ,τίποτα special/interesting about my life.

Reason #2.
No one would buy it because it'd be over a hundred pages about a normal, boring girl with a normal life and a normal family who goes to a normal school and has normal friends (okay, that one is a lie, my friends are far from 'normal') and has a normal boyfriend and does normal things that all normal people do.

Reason #3.
I'm pretty sure no one cares about what's happened in my life. I haven't had any too tragic events other than almost drowning trying to save my little sister when I was fourteen, on that day I had a run in with my faith...but trust me, that probably didn't spark anybody's interests. Other than that, all I have is my great grandmother's death and a couple other things I'd rather not mention on here. But yeah, no one cares, you probably just yawned. Am I right? I knew I was.

Reason #4.
My own life doesn't interest me, so how do you think the book would be if even I really didn't put any heart into it?

Reason #5
haha, I accidentally put six the first time....I can't even count. Wow. There's a reason for you.

Reason #6
I was apparently very eager to get to this number. Reason number six is the fact that my opinions on things are very biased and if I wrote a book about them, I would probably be massacred within the first day it went on sale. I have a very strong opinion on alot of topics that people wouldn't agree with such as love, religion, abortion, sexuality, and the like. And I make it impossible for you to win an arguement with me (ask my boyfriend we fight all the time...he never wins...ever....) so I know people wouldn't take well to that. And...I'm too young to die.

That's my list of reasons, do with it what you will.

By the way, Nick, I REALLY REALLY REALLY liked the banner!!!!!!


Nick said...

You ought to stick it up there. I can help you with any other blog design stuff.

B.D.C said...

You did do very well. I would have held your hand if you wanted me to.

I disagree with reasons 1, 2, and 6. I'm sure there are some things interesting about your life. I know people would buy it because I've seen people buy things that were a lot less interesting than what I know about your life. Finally, your strong opinions on those topics would get you a lot of criticism, but it would also draw people in.

I'd definitely like to hear more about you almost drowning to save your sister.

personality: unique said...

You are very interesting!!! But, I respect the fact that you don't want to write it. I wouldn't want to write mine either.