Saturday, December 26, 2009

So, I just spent four and a half hours doing pretty much absolutely nothing. Beating my head against a brick wall would have been so much more productive than working tonight. Let me lay out for you exactly what I did at work.

5:30-7- Had actual costumers, real living people that I was forced to interact with.

7:28-7:58- Stared blankly at a speck on my counter

8:00- Start to fall asleep on my heater

8:17- Scald my face on the heater

8:20-8:30- Scratched a nonexistant itch on my ass

8:32-8:36- Repeatedly pace my game moaning loudly

8:40- A visit from Laura, joy.

8:50- The speck on my counter begins talking to me.

9:00- the speck and I are best friends.

9:20- finish this delightful poem:

Hell hole
Excitingly DULL in the winter
Really terrible
Suicidal tendecy causing
Hate Inspiring
Even worse than Nick's jokes
Yahtzee is better than this
Anus sucking Aliens run it
Really huge pain in my dick
Kill me now, please

9:30- 9:32- Hortencia texts me telling me she bought a Taylor Lautner poster. I ask her if she's going to masturbate to it.

9:33- 9:40- I proceed to cry from the laughter my own joke brought me, I also ponder how its even possible that I have friends.

9:42- I make fun of a fat kid...inside my head and to Nick, but not to the fat kid's face.

9:44- I decide that its okay to mock fat people as long as you don't do it to their faces.

9:50- I finally get closed

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SAT scores, Teenage Love and what makes YOU an adult?

Can I have a drum roll please? Erin's SAT score was a 1470. Which is pretty average, better than what Katee Paone got her first time. Its on to apply for colleges. I have narrowed it down to four choices, and I'm sure my boyfriend will be happy to know that they are all in state. Shippensburg, Bloomsburg, Millersville and Carlow. Carlow might as well not be in state though because its in Pittsburgh and its an all women's college but from all the stuff I got in the mail from them and Sweet Briar, it kind of turned me on to all girl colleges. For one, you don't have to worry about relationship issues, unless, you know, you're a lesbian. There also is alot less temptation on campus to do things that your mama told you not to and you can focus more on your education and my boyfriend's only a junior anyway and he has no interest in anything remotely close to my career path so it really shouldn't matter what school I go to. I shouldn't let the fact that I have a boyfriend hold me back from where I want to go.

Alright, back to my earlier discussion today. Teenage love; real or not?

Once again, I have to say that I am fully on the real side of this argument, not just because I am in a relationship and I am seventeen and I tell that boy that I love him, but because I actually know people who met in high school, got married and had two beautiful children. So are you telling me that their love wasn't real until they became an "adult"?

And what honestly defines an adult? Age? I think not, I believe our decisions and readiness to take on the world define us as adults. I know some "adults" who behave more like children than my eleven year old little brother. I also know some teenagers that are ready to be independent now and have made very adult like decisions, whether forced upon them or not. Such as my one friend, he took full responsibility for his child, even as a teenager and even though his child's mother repeatedly pushes the responsibility of the child on him. He takes the responsibility for her while the mother still wants to be a kid, something she should've thought of before spreading those legs without any sort of protection.

In conclusion, SAT scores were great, teenage love is real in my opinion though I'd love to hear your argument and age does not make you an adult but the decisions you have to make in your lifetime can make you wiser or the opposite. A teenager can be more of an adult than some adults can.

Once again, Drink eggnog, eat plenty of fruit and touch as many people inappropriately as you can.

SAT scores, Homosexual Computers and High School Love, real or not?

So, I was hoping to get my stinken SAT scores. That was what I hoped to accomplish by coming to the library but guess what? The stupid school will not allow me to login and see them. Which really really irritates me. I don't care that the previous sentence is not a real sentence. Behind me two people are arguing about wedding invitations and their necessity. Apparently this class has to plan a wedding and their entire lives for that matter and add in all the expenses. I guess that would be a real eye opener. I believe the two behind me are a couple and are group working on this project. They sound like an old married couple. They are now arguing over where they are going to live. Wow.

I wonder what the percentage on High School Relationship marriages lasting? Or maybe the fail rate. I'll look it up. I didn't find a exact percentage. I found a lot of skepticism on it. On wikianswers someone asked what the success rate of a high school relationship marriage was and the person who answered, answered with "Probably .002%" I also found another document written on an adult's perspective of high school relationships basically telling all high schoolers that we have no idea what true love is. This opinion coming from "Adults" really irritates me because some of the "adults" that tell us this are not much older than we are. What right do you have to say that we aren't in love, you may think you are "older" and "wiser", but today in my psychology class, we were interviewing parents and Alicia Snyder's mother offered this advice to us about finding a lifelong mate; "I have been happily married for twenty three years and my husband is my best friend, I can come to him with anything and everything."

Guess what? My boyfriend is my best friend and I can talk to him about anything and everything and I HAVE talked to him about anything and everything. I've told him things that I'm sure he had no interest in knowing at times. I'm sure there have been some things he wishes I never told him, some discussions we really never needed to have, but he's always there to listen to whatever I have to say and I to him. So is that not love just because we're seventeen? I'll continue this discussion in my next post. Meanwhile, I welcome your comments.

If I don't get to post a christmas blog, have a great christmas. Drink egg nog, eat fruit and touch as many people inappropriately as you can. Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Which is the result of my hard effort of making well over three hundred fucking World AIDs Day ribbons for every fucking kid in my entire school because I chaired World AIDs Day in student council because Becky Guldin gave me that look and I am way too nice a person to survive in this world. Anyway, I had to stick pins through all of these ribbons. And I only managed to stab myself atleast two hundred fifty or more times. And guess what? Fifty nine of those goddamn ribbons won't even be fucking worn because it goes against CTC uniform code. WHAT THE FUCK?! So students can't even wear a goddamn two inch, if even that, fucking ribbon for one fucking day. Its a fucking conspiracy. I swear to all that is holy, if I find anyone in our school without a ribbon on, I will find them and stick a ribbon to their skin. Just kidding. Trust me, I'm not as violent as I give off. I promise.