Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SAT scores, Homosexual Computers and High School Love, real or not?

So, I was hoping to get my stinken SAT scores. That was what I hoped to accomplish by coming to the library but guess what? The stupid school will not allow me to login and see them. Which really really irritates me. I don't care that the previous sentence is not a real sentence. Behind me two people are arguing about wedding invitations and their necessity. Apparently this class has to plan a wedding and their entire lives for that matter and add in all the expenses. I guess that would be a real eye opener. I believe the two behind me are a couple and are group working on this project. They sound like an old married couple. They are now arguing over where they are going to live. Wow.

I wonder what the percentage on High School Relationship marriages lasting? Or maybe the fail rate. I'll look it up. I didn't find a exact percentage. I found a lot of skepticism on it. On wikianswers someone asked what the success rate of a high school relationship marriage was and the person who answered, answered with "Probably .002%" I also found another document written on an adult's perspective of high school relationships basically telling all high schoolers that we have no idea what true love is. This opinion coming from "Adults" really irritates me because some of the "adults" that tell us this are not much older than we are. What right do you have to say that we aren't in love, you may think you are "older" and "wiser", but today in my psychology class, we were interviewing parents and Alicia Snyder's mother offered this advice to us about finding a lifelong mate; "I have been happily married for twenty three years and my husband is my best friend, I can come to him with anything and everything."

Guess what? My boyfriend is my best friend and I can talk to him about anything and everything and I HAVE talked to him about anything and everything. I've told him things that I'm sure he had no interest in knowing at times. I'm sure there have been some things he wishes I never told him, some discussions we really never needed to have, but he's always there to listen to whatever I have to say and I to him. So is that not love just because we're seventeen? I'll continue this discussion in my next post. Meanwhile, I welcome your comments.

If I don't get to post a christmas blog, have a great christmas. Drink egg nog, eat fruit and touch as many people inappropriately as you can. Merry Christmas.

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