Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SAT scores, Teenage Love and what makes YOU an adult?

Can I have a drum roll please? Erin's SAT score was a 1470. Which is pretty average, better than what Katee Paone got her first time. Its on to apply for colleges. I have narrowed it down to four choices, and I'm sure my boyfriend will be happy to know that they are all in state. Shippensburg, Bloomsburg, Millersville and Carlow. Carlow might as well not be in state though because its in Pittsburgh and its an all women's college but from all the stuff I got in the mail from them and Sweet Briar, it kind of turned me on to all girl colleges. For one, you don't have to worry about relationship issues, unless, you know, you're a lesbian. There also is alot less temptation on campus to do things that your mama told you not to and you can focus more on your education and my boyfriend's only a junior anyway and he has no interest in anything remotely close to my career path so it really shouldn't matter what school I go to. I shouldn't let the fact that I have a boyfriend hold me back from where I want to go.

Alright, back to my earlier discussion today. Teenage love; real or not?

Once again, I have to say that I am fully on the real side of this argument, not just because I am in a relationship and I am seventeen and I tell that boy that I love him, but because I actually know people who met in high school, got married and had two beautiful children. So are you telling me that their love wasn't real until they became an "adult"?

And what honestly defines an adult? Age? I think not, I believe our decisions and readiness to take on the world define us as adults. I know some "adults" who behave more like children than my eleven year old little brother. I also know some teenagers that are ready to be independent now and have made very adult like decisions, whether forced upon them or not. Such as my one friend, he took full responsibility for his child, even as a teenager and even though his child's mother repeatedly pushes the responsibility of the child on him. He takes the responsibility for her while the mother still wants to be a kid, something she should've thought of before spreading those legs without any sort of protection.

In conclusion, SAT scores were great, teenage love is real in my opinion though I'd love to hear your argument and age does not make you an adult but the decisions you have to make in your lifetime can make you wiser or the opposite. A teenager can be more of an adult than some adults can.

Once again, Drink eggnog, eat plenty of fruit and touch as many people inappropriately as you can.

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