Saturday, December 26, 2009

So, I just spent four and a half hours doing pretty much absolutely nothing. Beating my head against a brick wall would have been so much more productive than working tonight. Let me lay out for you exactly what I did at work.

5:30-7- Had actual costumers, real living people that I was forced to interact with.

7:28-7:58- Stared blankly at a speck on my counter

8:00- Start to fall asleep on my heater

8:17- Scald my face on the heater

8:20-8:30- Scratched a nonexistant itch on my ass

8:32-8:36- Repeatedly pace my game moaning loudly

8:40- A visit from Laura, joy.

8:50- The speck on my counter begins talking to me.

9:00- the speck and I are best friends.

9:20- finish this delightful poem:

Hell hole
Excitingly DULL in the winter
Really terrible
Suicidal tendecy causing
Hate Inspiring
Even worse than Nick's jokes
Yahtzee is better than this
Anus sucking Aliens run it
Really huge pain in my dick
Kill me now, please

9:30- 9:32- Hortencia texts me telling me she bought a Taylor Lautner poster. I ask her if she's going to masturbate to it.

9:33- 9:40- I proceed to cry from the laughter my own joke brought me, I also ponder how its even possible that I have friends.

9:42- I make fun of a fat kid...inside my head and to Nick, but not to the fat kid's face.

9:44- I decide that its okay to mock fat people as long as you don't do it to their faces.

9:50- I finally get closed

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