Saturday, May 23, 2009

A quick list of injuries I have accumulated in two days

Injury: A concussion
Caused By: Impatient Customer's voice
Date it Happened: Friday
Details: I was going beneath the giant, thick, wooden cut outs of the football players at Pigskin Panic to get the footballs so I could color code them (its a thing I do when I have no customers that actually gets me kudos) Anyway, apparently this guy was standing there for awhile and obviously I didn't see him so as I'm bent over picking up the footballs, he screams "MA'AM!" I jolt up, and smack my head off the CORNER of that huge @$$ peice of wood. Even now, I still have trouble focusing my eyes.

Injury: Bloody Knuckles
Caused By: Flying Basketball
Date it Happened: Friday
Details: I was trying to keep the basketball from hitting the kid...stuck my hand out to hit the ball, ended up basically punching the ball. Need I say more.

Injury: Roughly around Eleventy Million Five Hundred Zillion Fifty Million Trillion Five Hundred Million Two Bug bites
Caused By: ...Bugs?
Date it Happened: Both Friday and Saturday
Details: Poor bug spray spraying skills + a lake behind my game. Put two and two together

Injury: Multiple Cuts and Bruises
Caused By: Lifting/dropping things while helping Brendon move his mom
Date it Happened: Today
Details: You don't need any if you really know how much of a klutz I am.

Injury: Puncture Wound in Hand
Caused By: Sheer Idiocy
Date it Happened: Today
Details: I was helping to hang up some prizes at the one game and we had to put flash hooks in them and I missed the bear and stabbed my hand.

Injury: Shot Blood Vessel in the ...hold on a minute....LEFT eye
Caused By: Dadblame Allergies
Date it Happened: Today
Details: I'm allergic to whatever the heck is in bloom, scratched my eyes alot like ALOT ALOT and well you can guess the rest.


Mr. Miller said...

Wow. You need some time off to recover.

B. Christman said...

Poor baby... I agree with Mr. Miller. You should take some time off... It might kill your paycheck, but at least you'll be able to heal and catch up on sleep.

personality: unique said...

You are just a walking catastrophy!! I also agree. You need to stay home not just to heal, but to keep from a new injury!

Leighshire said...

i've had terrible days like that and they suck! I'm soo accident prone!