Monday, May 18, 2009

Crimson Sorrow

Its probably because of the fact that I'm writer and I unitentionally sound poetic at times when I'm being super emotional. I don't know. It was a theory

That was something I said to Nick last week that I felt like sharing with you.

Ok, so in chapter am I on anyway.......*checks* In chapter FOUR, two more people die. People who you didn't get a chance to become attached to. Don't hate me, its supposed to be a heart wrenching book, at times. Once Amaranth and Amya finally reach each other it does get pretty funny, because they pretty much hate each other at first. They do fall in love but it takes awhile, I don't believe in love at first sight so none of my stories have that.

Love comes gradually it takes time to build up a relationship with someone. I believe in Lust at first sight (Robert) but not love at first sight. You can't love someone until you know enough about them. That's my philosophical talk for the year. I'm sorry but I'm not Nick or Ben. I am a little frightened of being open about my opinions because I worry if others will agree with them. I care too much about how people feel.


personality: unique said...

I totally agree with you!

Erin said...

Wow Amanda, that's it. and Robert is Lust, if all I could compare him to was sex, he'd be sex.

personality: unique said...


personality: unique said...

That one was even shorter!!! :)

Erin said...

You know what Amanda, YOU'RE WOW.

I know, that was horrible. Its FREAKING monday, cut me some slack. I don't start functioning properly until after lunch.

That's how it is on Tuesdays too.

Wednsdays and Thursdays
I start functioning around 4/5

I start functioning around period 2 or 3

personality: unique said...

And yet you're yellin at me 4 my short comments?!

B. Christman said...

I've never met Robert, but I can tell you right now... I don't like him. :P

What else was I going to say?

Fruck... XD

It's funny because it sounds like a curse word, but it isn't. lmao