Thursday, May 28, 2009

Purumupanqui (or "moo" for short)

If you don't know about the title. Ask me if you can see "moo". I'll tell you his story then and if you're lucky, I'll let you touch him.

Anyway, my uncle called last night and my mom called me into the living room and she made it sound so serious. I seriously thought we were about to have the sex/alcohol/drugs/boys are stupid talk but she just wanted to tell me what my uncle was planning for me. He plans to take me:
~ Out on Lake Norman
~ To the Beach
~ To Carowinds (If you've never been there go here)
~ To the Mountains
~ Taking me to the bar
~ Taking me out to eat

And much more. I'll be alone at the house on the weekends, but don't worry. They have two huge dogs and one little dog AND a FREAKING SECURITY SYSTEM. Yeah, I'll be protected.

I'll be gone for fourteen days exactly. We leave on the sixth of July, go down to my dad's side of the family to celebrate my dad's birthday and pick up my little sister, then on the eighth, they're leaving me with my uncle and they leave North Carolina entirely. Then i go back home on the eighteenth. Soooo...are you gonna miss me? Are you? ARE YOU?


personality: unique said...

Of course I'm going to miss you!!!

But, not too much because I'm going to be SSSSSOOOOOOOOOO jealous the whole time that you are gone! Your uncle is so cool and spoils you!!

Does it make you feel special or what?!

Erin said...

Well, the main reason I am staying with him is because he really hasn't been a part of my life at all. The most time i have ever been with him in my entire life is one day. And its all because of multiple reasons. He got in trouble with the law at one point and moved to Calafornia and we didn't really hear or know much about him for awhile. When he came back, he came out of the closet, started dating Bryan and since then everything's been great but he really wants to get the chance to know me, as I do him.

personality: unique said...

Awwww! And now you're getting the chance! I'm so happy for you!!!!!

B. Christman said...

I'm going to miss you more than Amanda will... just so you know...

I'm glad you're going to get the chance to know your Uncle better... I just wish you didn't have to go so far away for so long. T_T