Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Final exams and Writer vs. Author

I took my trig final. I got a B on it which was alot better than I expected. I have my chemistry final next period which I am certain I am going to bomb, no doubt about it. I suck when it comes to chemistry. I am just not a science person. Most writers aren't. I'd call myself an author but when I hear "author" I think of some outstanding, professional or almost professional person, whose words literally move people to tears. I don't see my stories as that. I see my stories as Juvenile and immature, they need alot of work before they become the types of stories that bring people to tears or laughter or whatever I'm trying to convery. Haha, I'm pretty sure authors don't use huge @$$ run on sentences like I just did. And they probably don't start a sentence with "and" and they probably don't ever use the nonexistant word "fer" in replace of for or say "yous". Yes, yes, I know. I'm pretty much degrading myself and my stories on my own blog, but what's your opinion? Am I just a writer? Or am I an Author?

Ben, by the way, you are an author, not a writer.

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B. Christman said...

Well, I would definitely say that you are an author. You meet the criteria that you yourself specified... In my opinion at least. I was moved to tears when I read Lovelorn, and in every one of your stories, I connected with at least one of the characters.

I start sentences with And and But. I also end with prepositions and have tons of sentence fragments. As for the "Fer" and "Yous", a lot of really talented authors write dialogue by making the words read like the people sound.

So, in a nutshell, you are an author, and a very talented one I might add. You include amazing plot twists, and there is never a moment when the reader wants to set the story down. And Crimson Sorrow? My God... how can you write such an amazing story say that you aren't an author?

By the way, I may be an author, but you are an amazing author, and you are much more talented than I will ever be.