Thursday, September 11, 2008

today is Nine Eleven

Alisha made these bands with 9/11 written on them and it has stars and stripes on it and underneath that it says "We will never forget". She gave me one. Well, you are probably wondering how could anyone forget that friend Kate did. Yea, and her dad is in the army. Just thought that was interesting.

I have guard practice tonight...oh boy. I heard there was alot of drama going on in guard. I can give you the gist of it. Apparently, (even though I was never informed of this but I'm just the runner, my job is to shut up and do what they tell me to at practice...) Emily and David (both are guard members) were going out since band camp. And then David broke up with Emily to be with Lauren (she's not on color guard this year but she was last year and no one liked her in colorguard last year.) and Heidi (Who IS on colorguard) who is Emily's best friend got really angry and yelled at David. David broke up with Lauren now.

Emily is ok. I talked to her today in the hallway. She's alright. I don't know about Heidi and David. I really don't care about David, I'm worried about Heidi though. And not to sound mean but I greatly dislike Lauren so I don't care that David dumped her and I don't care how she feels about that. (in fact I know how she feels about it. She sits next to me in chorus and never shuts up, so she tells me everything, even if i don't want to know.)

So yea, I really don't know what practice is going to be like tonight. I guess I'll just find out huh? Emily is alright, I actually have alot of friends on guard. There's Emily, Reba, Kate, Rachel, Lisa, Heidi, Haylie and Brittany. They are my friends.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought someone was talking to you and you answered their question anyway and then the person they actually asked the question to answers and you're like "oh my god, I'm such an idiot."? I have had a few of those moments myself. Well class is almost over so I have to cut this off. I'll post a new one when I get home today.

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