Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend from H-E double hockey sticks

I was busy all weekend. Friday night was okay, despite the fact that I sat in the rain for four hours, but it was worth it. Northern Lebanon is 3 and 0 right now, undefeated. They won on friday 19 to 14. Those last two minutes were sooooooooo stressful. Shelley was sitting next to me saying "I can't watch, I can't watch." Yet, everytime they started the clock again, she was focused on the field. Friday was alright, I bought my homecoming dress on friday. Its really really pretty.
Saturday....Saturday was what made my weekend suck. Saturday was the first cavalcade for band. I was at the school from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon. I fell asleep on top of that ladder thing that Mr.Innes stands on and got majorly sunburnt. At 4:45 we left the school and went on an hour ride towards Hempfield. Once we got there we had a teeny tiny amount of time to practice and then we had to go on the field. I didn't trip over any flags this time. That is a good thing. I carried 24 flags off the field and Kendra carried 14. That is freaking ridiculous. Some people were walking off the field with only one flag. Kendra yelled at them. Good, they needed that. Right as we got back to the buses, I threw up all over the handicap stall in the women's bathroom, that wasn't fun. We got fifth out of six bands but the color guard got third out of six bands which was pretty good. The drumline only got 13.5. Its because of staging. When the drumline has a solo they are supposed to be staged. Our drumline was in the middle of the field, not at the front of the field. So yea, we need to fix that.
I'm done now, because I'm tired of Nick bugging me about typing too much

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