Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The title...

Today I guess I will finnally explain what "widgit ca" means. Its probably not as long as a story as I make it sound but anyway. Back in ninth grade, I was a stupid, immature freshman. My aunt bought me this high tech video camera for my birthday. I have this friend named Tracy who is almost as insane as I am. Together we are two halves of a whole lunatic. Anyway, I was really bored one day and I made this really stupid movie about her and I trapped on an island. And I don't know what I was actually trying to say but I said "WIDGIT CA!" really loud, and we only discovered this when her and I were watching the movie later. Ever since then Widgit ca has been used as a swear word, something to say to confuse the crap out of people (Like on here) and many other ways. I write alot of stories. Some of them are fanfics. If you don't know what a fanfic is, its a story written by a fan based off of another story. I hope that helped that's the only way I know how to describe. If you ever wanted to read any of my mine go to www.fanfiction.net. I have two stories up currently. "Perpetual Love" has become fairly popular on there even though I haven't updated it in a month. It has six chapters so far. The other story is called "As Fate Would Have It". My author name is Little Chiyo.
They are fanfics though. I do write my own stories all the time. My best one....would have to be "Blood Choice". Its a story about werewolves. They actually can bounce between human and wolf form. Its mostly about a Werewolf named Raine. She gets lost from her pack when she is a puppy and adopted by a vampire named Trinity. Later on, Raine finds her pack again and is immediately entered in a love triangle. The alpha, Pierce wants her for his own. Raine, on the other hand is in love with another wolf by the name of Fang. Its a really good story involving romance and some horror. Major drama. There are parts that made me cry even though I was the one writing it, the part that has made everyone cry that's read it is the part where Raine, impregnated by a rape by Pierce, gives birth and all of her puppies are stillborn.

Yea. I'll write about another story I wrote next time I am on. My wrist hurts really bad and I don't want to type anymore.

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