Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28

Ok, what happened interesting today? Nothing really. I got my new schedule. I have a different lunch, chemistry and Spanish II. Yippie. I'm finally through with changing my schedule. My Chemistry got switched three times. The first two times I was switched into a different period with the same teacher and that teacher, Mr.Pavlis, assigned a project due today. I worked on it all last night, it took me forever. Well, today I discovered that it was all in vain because my new chemistry class is with a different teacher. So i basically spent all night on nothing. Here is such a toil.

Well, I also had gym today. We played basketball while he took 0ur weight and BMI. Well, I didn't look at my BMI but I know that I am 5'2 and a half and I weigh 133. That's really good. Because last year, I was shorter and alot fatter like 20 pounds fatter. Woohoo! I lost weight. Don't know how though, I really didn't do much this summer, except G.N.Os and going to football scrimmages to see my boyfriend and going out on dates with my boyfriend. The last day before school started me and him went to Hersheypark. That was the best day ever.

I'll tell you more about g.n.os next time I'm on. I don't have alot of time.

I have marching band practice tonight. I'm a runner which is a fancy word for the girl dressed in black that runs all over the field and picks up the guards flags.

I'm hoping it'll help me lose weight. That'd be awesome.

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