Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 27

Today, I got practically everything switched in my schedule. The only classes that didn't get switched were band, chorus, study hall, fitness and weight training and English. About my fitness and weight class, I told Kate, who is one of my best friends that my goal in that class was to become stronger than my boyfriend. Which is impossible because Brendon is a football player. He's a starter, first string baby. Yea, he's center. His number is seventy nine. His brother was number seventy nine as well, along with his dad. Its a thing they pass down, I guess.

Speaking of Brendon, on November twelfth, it'll be a year that we've been together. I love him. Oh my god, I should tell you the story of us getting together. Last year, I wanted a date to homecoming and I had a big crush on him. So with much prodding from two of my friends; Lindsay and David, I asked Brendon in Study Hall if he'd go to the dance with me, expecting a no...I got a yes. Brendon was really quiet after that, we didn't talk much and I really wanted him to like me the way I liked him. So I would stand next to him and forget to take notes all the time so that I could borrow his and have a reason to talk to him. He only really opened up though on the day that he didn't have a partner in Biology and I asked him if he wanted to be in ours (mine and Eryn Boltz's) and when he joined our group I told him it was because he was hot. So yea, after was easy. We fell in love and we're still together. I mean you may think I am too young to know what love is, but I know what love is, it's the feeling I have for Brendon.

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