Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another day another blog

To update you all on my life, I did okay in French. The teacher gave me total credit even though I finished it a day late. Oceanography on the other hand...I'm really thinking about dropping that class. I really want to go on the Delaware trip but I hate the class. If you hate the class, you should drop it right? It's too hard. I don't understand half the things we talk about and I really really just dislike the class and the teacher. So I don't know. Oh my god I almost put that in texting talk. I almost said 'idk' yea, that would have been beneficial to my English grade right? The only class I am having problems in right now is Oceanography. I aced all the tests in my other classes and I just really really hate this class. I walk into this class everyday and I think "I wish I could drop this class", seriously. I hate Mr.Frain, ok that was harsh. I don't really hate him. I just dislike him greatly. It's probably because he moved me in study hall all because I talked to my boyfriend. In all the other study halls you are allowed to talk as long as its quiet and you are allowed to move but no in our study hall you sit there, you shut up and you have to do something with yourself. Its FIRST PERIOD, if i did all my homework the night before like a good student then WHAT do I have to do?

Yea, I'm done complaining now.

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