Friday, September 26, 2008

I am just...

Doing what you told me to. You told me not to talk to you and that's what I am doing. I am not sure what you expected. You didn't want to deal with me so now I am not sitting with the band. I'm not sure what else you wanted.

Wow, that could've been an awesome poem. maybe I will go home and turn it into one. Mr. Miller is yelling at the class. I have to do that essay this weekend. I did everything else, the thesis statement, the outline, everything.

Band is not going to be fun tonight. That is simply the truth in itself.

I promised Lisa that I would put up a picture of my homecoming dress on this next time I get on. I will do that. My homecoming dress is dark purple. It has no straps. It has little sparkles all over the chest part. Its a wee bit on the short side and you'd think since I tottally hate my legs that I wouldn't like the dress being short but I will say this again, the dress makes me look gorgeous, something probably nobody my boyfriend thinks about me. It makes my legs look long and it doesn't make me feel short.

I'm probably going to sit with Brendon's grandparents tonight. I know that they aren't mad at me. Plus, Shelley will be with them and I love talking to her. I don't know if Austin or Brianna are going to be there. I know Brendon's grandparents, Shelley and Troy will be there. Josh, Becky, Austin and Brianna may or may not be there. I'm not positive. But, yea.

Band will suck tonight.

I will not be welcome.

This is not going to be good.

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