Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Holding your scarred heart in hand

So, today basically sucked ass. Big hairy black ass.

Dentist stabbed me in the gum, I bled all over the place. Fml

The only time I could sign up for this robotic baby was on my BIRTHDAY. Fml

The part I got in the class play was "Other Fairgoer" and I have to SHARE that part with my two other friends who Masser doesn't seem to like. Fml.

Apparently, I'm not allowed to complain in front of Anna because everything I say, something in her life sucks worse. And she acts like I'm not allowed to complain because everything's just fucking great because Ben got Wilbur, now DON'T GET ME WRONG, I'm happy for Ben, I'm not mad that he got a better part than me. I'm really happy for him, I knew he was going to get it. He was really good. I'm upset because I got pretty much the worst part there was in the entire play. I might have ONE LINE, if that. Whenever Anna is upset about something, I'm there for her, but today I wasn't allowed to be upset because when I said that I had to take care of the damn baby on my fucking birthday she was like "I have a cavalcade on my birthday" and when I said that I'm not having a birthday party she was like "Its my sweet sixteen and I'm not having a birthday party" well you're probably atleast going to see your boyfriend on your birthday, I don't even get that. But at this point I was just like whatever, Anna, your life sucks worse than mine, I'm sorry I complained, I'm so fucking happy right now I can't contain myself because apparently you don't know how to be here for me when I'm down. So next time, you're upset and someone ignores you, think of the way you treated me. Because I won't show you any sympathy next time you're crying. Fml.

And I'm happy pretty much all the time, so I think its healthy for me to be upset every once in awhile. But everyone crawls up my goddamn ass whenever I get upset, what's the point of having friends when no one gives two shits and has bigger problems than you when you're upset? There. Is. No. Point.

Now not all my friends were like that. In fact, it was just Anna. But I don't give a fuck anymore. I'll be there for her when she needs but I realize now that she's not the person I need to turn to when I need someone to be there for me. That's why you have more than just one friend.

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