Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anything with a penis will eventually become one

I have come to this conclusion after too many horrible experiences with the male species and I have decided that I can only marry one of the guys on my list of the only good guys in the entire world:

Alex Moyer
Chris Roye
Elijah Olson (already taken by Hannah)
Storm Veunephachan
Ryan Hoover (already taken by Becky so not a choice here)
Phillip Peng
Alex Bailor
Nate Bachman
Wade Tyrpin (taken by Katie)
Tarek Sawma
Nick Allison (I've already royally screwed this one over)

That's it, that's the list of the only good guys in the entire world, and these are my choices for my future husbund. Either that, or I buy a mail order husband. I'm sure they sell them somewhere if you look hard enough.

By the way, a little personal victory for me is that in two days it will be exactly a year since I last smoked a ciggarette. I'm pretty proud of myself. I almost had a relaspe yesterday and the day before because certain people at work have made Hershey Park a living hell. I told myself that smoking a ciggarette would just be a temporary fix and I would feel worse afterwards for having broke and given in so close to my one year mark and I stayed away. *insert applause here*

So that's all I needed to say for now. We covered boys and cigarrette victories in today's edition of Where Cool Comes to Die. Tune in next week where Erin will surely bitch about boys, work and life in general with a little bit of sarcasm and unintended comedy thrown in.


Guinevere said...

Sometimes, boys get better as they get older, so there may be more options in the future. HS boys were ridiculous, college boys were a little better. They still have butthead tendencies, though.

Clicked on your blog from another writing blog, in case you wondered where I was coming from. Love the blog name, it made me smile.

Sam said...

I don't know him, or you, but a guy with a name like Storm Veunephachan has got to be the bees knees. There is no other alternative.

Gretta said...


Erin said...

hahaha. well Storm Veunephachan is a pretty awesome guy. he's one I haven't royally screwed yet.