Sunday, August 23, 2009

Epic quotes

So I realized that I haven't updated this in forever and this used to be my life source. So, what have I accomplished this summer?
I've changed alot this summer, I'm pretty much a new person. I'm happier, prettier, skinnier and much more. I changed boyfriends and I really think that's what's made me so much happier. Nick is AMAZING. He's the sweetest boy I've ever met, hands down.

So, I know what you're waiting for. Where are the new editions to Erin's epic quotes? Now, this first one is pretty epic so I advise you to sit back in your chair, put down the alcoholic drink you are drinking to make reading this blog less painful, and put on your seatbelt because this bitch is going to blow you away.

This is the world's most epic swear.

"Holy cocksuckingdickshittingpissfuck!"

Yes, I was hyped up on some kind of good weed when I said that one. Just kidding, I don't smoke, period.

Now, for more epic quotes. Most of them involve swear words.

Some random person, who, I forget at the moment: Can we take a picture together?
Me: Sure we can take a picture together, come back to my place and slip into something more comfortable and we can take a picture, alright.

Nick and I both: *making the squeaking sounds he taught me*
Me: Is this our mating call?
Nick: *laughs and hugs me* You're amazing

Me: I did the rain dance, I made it rain, because I'm Jesus.
Amanda: You have a penis?
Me: Yes, its detachable. You fasten on with Velcro

Me: Do you think I'm sexy?
Nick: You have your way of driving me crazy.
Me: So do you think I'm sexy?
Nick: That was a yes, dear.

Me: I really wanted to tell her to suck my throbbing dick but that wouldn't have worked out too well.
Becca: Because you don't have one?
Me: No, because she might think it was an actual invite.

Me: I swear on my left testicle
Kori: You don't have one of those
Me: I only have the left one, something very tragic happened to my right one.

Me: for sex, you know something normal people do

(Just FYI, Erin is still a virgin. haha)

Now, I have to go eat, its kind of required for me know, live.

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