Monday, November 23, 2009

PSH definitions. This shit cracks me the fuck up


An expression used when something is highly unlikely or that the speaker disagrees with.
Psh, pink cows SO do not come from Denmark!

A dismissive phrase used to show one's disinterest in a particular subject. Often used to decline a command.
"Do your school work." "Work? Psh..."

something a person says when they have no better come-backs
susy: bob-you're fat.. lose weight bob: i weigh less than you do! susy: psh.....


Psh is pretty similar to "Whatever" Some people prefer to use it over "whatever" Some people say it if in dissagreement.
Claire "I ran a mile in 5 minutes" Travis "Psh, no you didn't!" or Lea " Don't be so mean!" Chris "Psh"


A way to express feelings of longing, an under the table exchange of feelings. A don't let mom or pop know kind of deal, especially if mom or pop are heavily into Christianity and chastity belts An easy way for males who aren't comfortable with showing emotions to at least put something in.
Girl- "When are we going to get serious here?" Man- "Psh" Girl-" when would you like to meet my parents?" Man- "Psh"

1. An expression used when disagreeing
2. Used as a bleep in order to avoid saying something.
1. Casey: Apples are vegetables Evan: Pshhhh
2. John: Did you see that girls psh?


A word one uses when they have nothing else to say. It's also used in replacement of different words to make it sound more interesting. Commonly used to replace swear words, making a conversation more entertaining.
some1:ur such a pendejo! some1else:psh! person:psh u!!! bob: u need alot of pshing help u pshing son of a psh! me:pshpshpshpshpsh! ray:u've gone over the psh limit gurl

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