Monday, November 16, 2009

Ten Random Updating Facts about Yours Truly

1. Of course my mother is planning to go and see New Moon and Blind Side without me. Work makes seeing good movies impossible.

2. Mr.NL is on Friday. I'm an escort for Nick Mastracola.

3. I take the SAT December fifth and I'm taking off for the fourth and the fifth, I'm going to be a madrigal feast waitress.

4. I am considering looking into colleges that are outside the country. I'm afraid of how my boyfriend will take to this.

5. Championships were on sunday. Last place but in OPENING class.

6. My boyfriend's birthday is December first, not too far away.

7. I'm going black friday shopping with Amanda, Nick (the boyfriend version), and Tracy at King of Prussia.

8. Neither me nor Amanda nor Tracy have ever been to King of Prussia in our lives.

9. I'm starting a new book called Brilliant Innocence, ask for details if you want to know.

10. I had a Wolfgang Candy Bar for breakfast.

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