Monday, November 23, 2009

Ten Random Updating Facts

Ten Random Updating Facts:
1. Today is Erin and Nick's Five Months.

2. I officially have begun writing Brilliant Innocence.

3. I'm already at a writer's block. How does this shit only happen to the brilliant? haha. just kidding.

4. Mrs.Gardayasz took my pumpkin roll home with her. It made me angry.

5. I have expanded my college choices to any college with a marketing or communication major.

6. I think marketing for a company that sells to other countries would be fun.

7. Especially since I am creative.

8. And I'm so ridiculously good looking, everybody would want to buy the product....just KIDDING

9. Ridiculously good looking, psh, me? PSH PSSSSSSHHHHHHHH.

10. Is that even a word? Psh. Lets type it into google shall we? I did, the first thing I got was the urban dictionary. Then I got another website telling me what PSH stood for. PSH stands for your mom, in my bed, at night, with her clothes off.

That wasn't really ten facts was it? Oh well, it'll do

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