Friday, December 12, 2008

Concert Evaluation

I figure that we are going to have to do one of these in band for a grade anyhow. The concert was AMAZING and I played a solo and actually did ok!!!!!! I was so glad!!!! The percussion did awesome! I sat there and was mesmerized by them. The Chamber Choir did good too! The chorus did awesome, especially in Hallelujah Chorus, we only practiced that once or twice and we had to have it memorized. I came home and was exhausted and went right to bed.

Of course, the one for band is going to have to be more detailed and i'll actually have to say things that could be improved and crap, but yea.

I'm in study hall right now and I had nothing better to do so that's where this blog came from.

I am redoing my course selection sheet because I did my last one in ink and I'm not sure if I want to take half of those.
Classes I'm definitly taking:
English Comp 1 and 2, congratulations Mr.Miller you're stuck with me another year.
Physcology and Sociology
Child Development And Parenting
Spanish 3

Classes I'm iffy about:
Preschool experience
Elective Sports
Analytic Geometry and Calculus
Independent Living

But yea, I want to take atleast seven credits, most of them being little half year things, then I'll like change entire schedules throughout the year.

Ok, that's enough writing for today.

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