Monday, December 22, 2008

Lucky Pickle

I can't wait to open all my presents!!! Its so exciting! Underneath our Christmas tree there are like a zillion and one presents. I can't wait to open them all.

The title of this blog has to do with Eryn's christmas tree and no I did not just spell my own name wrong. I just spelled one of my best friends' names. In her christmas tree they always hide a porcelin pickle and if you find the pickle you are supposedly going to have good luck. Well, during study hall today, I somehow convinced Beidler to let me go and sit with Tracy, David, Hinkle, and Eryn and we started talking about the lucky pickle. Haha, I told her I'm going to come to her house and tackle her tree and tear it apart to find that pickle and then afterward I'd just walk out cuddling the pickle leaving a burning christmas tree behind me.

Me and my friends are nuts. About the only one of us who is sane is Amanda. Even she has her nutty moments such as "Thtop it you guyth! I'm thoking on my thaliva." That is a very interesting story. Amanda is supposed to be the smart one of our group, right? (I'll have to put down a list of who "our group" is then.) Well, in oceanography I had this huge peppermint stick and I broke off a piece the size of my pointer finger and it was about the size of a golden dollar wide and get this..."smart" amanda sticks the entire thing in her mouth WHOLE!!!! And we were laughing at her. It was about the most funny thing that ever happened in oceanography, then again nothing really fun happens in oceanography. Its pretty dull actually

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Lisa Marie said...

haha. thats funny. You guys all rock. Now we know what NOT to give