Monday, December 22, 2008

"Our" Group

I have mentioned it multiple times but you never who "our" group is exactly. So here's a list

1. Me (cuz I'd have to include myself in my own 'group')
2. Amanda
3. Tracy
4. David
5. Kate
6. Pumpkin
7. Eryn
8. Becky
9. Valerie
10. Bridget
11. Amber
12. Shawni

There are a couple others but they are kinda like in the group but not really because all the people listed above know and like each other and have a tight bond with each member but then there are a few newbies and a few people that are in our group that not all of us like but all put up with because other members of the group like them and there are people who were in the group but kinda just drifted and then others who were like vetoed out you could say (in other words, we kindly and politely told them exactly what we thought about them and they made the choice to leave the group on their own....(this may or may not have been exaggerated(OH MY GOD I just made a parenthesis INSIDE a parenthesis inside a parenthesis(inside a parenthesis, that takes some major talent (INSIDE a parenthesis, or just no life)))))

1 comment:

Lisa Marie said...

lol.omg inside a parenthisis inside a parenthisis inside a parenthisis outside a parenthisis. wow lol that makes weirdness and we must be bored.