Thursday, February 12, 2009

And I'm hanging on another day

52 Things to Do Before You Die
(Keep in mind this is in no specific order)

1. Fall madly and deeply in love.
2. Have a Pool Noodle fight with your best friend
3. Spend all day after school with your best friend and spy on the football team.
4. Witness the Northern Lights.
5. Find God and accept him as your savior.
6. Become a known writer, not necessarily well known, but known.
7. Have Children
8. Swim with the Dolphins
9. Admit you are wrong about everything.
10. Tell someone you love it and mean it.
11. Tell your boss where to shove it.
12. Befriend someone you don’t particularly like
13. Get over your insane fear of the number thirteen.
14. Catch fireflies.
15. Adopt a baby from another country.
16. Spend an entire day answering everyone’s questions with a question.
17. See the Grand Canyon.
18. Hold an alligator
19. Touch a polar bear
20. Dance like an idiot and don’t care whose watching.
21. Quit caring about what other people think about you.
22. Turn a boy gay.
23. Play twister while on a sugar rush.
24. Have ten girls over at your house at once.
25. Ask so many questions that your teacher suggests that you think about moving to a slower class and then admit that you were doing that just to be annoying and then get detention.
26. Use the sentence “And I told him, I ain’t got none of your nothing.” In front of your English teacher.
27. Add the word “ain’t” to the dictionary on your Microsoft word
28. Go on a blind date.
29. Have an argument with yourself, lose the argument and give yourself the silent treatment.
30. Shoot the idiot who came up with the name for Greenland.
31. Convince everyone that you aren’t as violent as your list suggests.
32. Take over the world.
33. Learn to hang glide
34. Play ‘would you rather’ and really think about your answers
35. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower.
36. Learn Croatian
37. Figure out where the heck Croatia is anyway
38. Do something your mama told you not to.
39. See a show on Broadway
40. Go on a New York shopping trip.
41. Learn that ‘supposably’ isn’t a word, you idiot.
42. Stare at that girl who always stares at you for the entire class period but make sure you are making the stupidest face possible whilst doing this.
43. Learn that ‘pigeon-holed’ means ‘stereotyped’ and doesn’t have anything to do with a pigeon’s hole.
44. Become a huge fan of the music your parents call “Satan’s noise”.
45. Read the Twilight Saga.
46. Beat all the levels on guitar hero.
47. Get thrown out of Victoria’s secret.
48. Laugh so hard that Jell-O comes out of your nose.
49. Walk through Wal-mart pretending you speak another language.
50. Run your go-cart up a tree
51. Answer the phone at three a.m and not swear at the person on the other side of the line. I dare you.
52. Love yourself.

Song Lyrics:
Broken by Lifehouse.

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B.D.C said...

I've already done #27 and #29... In fact, I've done #29 several times...