Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sparkling angel, i believed that you were my savior in my time of need. Blinded by faith, i couldn't hear all the whispers, the warnings so clear.

Chapter two of my autobiography:

What’s In a Name?
It took my parents six years of trying to finally get me and when they did get me, there were all kinds of arguments about the name. My father wanted me to have a fully Irish name, since our ancestors came from the potato land itself.
My mother on the other hand, had two choices: Brandi Elizabeth sounds like the blonde cheerleader type, or the aspiring Victoria Secret Model, not me. Shelby, I like the sound of that but it just doesn’t seem…me.
My first and middle name, Erin Colleen, combined literally translates to “Ireland Girl”. The name Howie translates to Brave Heart. This name is not one I’d choose for myself. If I had the option, I would be Peyton. Peyton Desiree Howie.
The one thing I hate the most about my name, are my initials. ECH, my elementary school friends christened me ‘Etch a Sketch’ after discovering my initials.
Originally, my parents thought they were having a boy. If I had been a boy, I envision myself to be a scrawny boy that wears suspenders, plaid shirts and wool socks that come up to my knees. I envision myself as that nerdy boy who snorts when he laughs and hyperventilates when he sees a hot girl. My name would’ve been Emerson Lee Howie.
I guess it’s a good thing I’m a girl

What do you think??????

Song lyrics:
Angel by within Temptation

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