Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We didn't start the fire, no its been burning since the world's been turning. We didn't start the fire, no we didn't light it but we tried to fight it

My Own List of Lists

People who have influenced me:
 My family
 Brendon Hormel (my wonderful boyfriend)
 Amanda Graybeal (took the chance to believe in me)
 Kate Warren (took the chance to believe in me)
 Stephenie Meyer (this isn’t me being an obsessive fan girl; her dark romance books have really influenced my own.)
 All the people who told me I’d never amount to anything, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have anything to prove.

Places that make me happy:
 The High School Auditorium, it’s where I spend most of my time as of late.
 The Great Escape Theater, there are so many unforgettable things that happened there, the race to the bathroom after drinking an entire LARGE soda and sitting through the two hour Twilight movie where I ran into the wall and started panicking when my stall door wouldn’t close, the time the toilet exploded on Alyssa, the time when Kate ran into the sign and fell in the middle of the parking lot, the first time I got Jamie out of the house after she had Alaina, Kate screaming “THEY JUST HAD TO RUN!” at the end of Juno, and finally, I got my first kiss there.
 North Carolina, my Aunt Pat’s and Uncle Bob’s house specifically. I love it there, it has that sense of home, especially since there is always a homemade meal on the table and everyone comes over everyday.
Places I would like to go:
 Back to Niagara Falls
 Wherever I can see the Northern Lights
 Paris
 Tokyo
 Disney Land, never been there
 Carowinds
 Anywhere with my boyfriend

Things in people which I like:
 Are we talking about the opposite sex here? Brown hair, brown eyes, tough on the outside, big cuddly teddy bear on the inside, would never want to hurt me, cares about me more than anything, thinks I’m the prettiest girl in the world (or at least tells me I am), always remembers my birthday, taller than me, same age as me so I don’t have to worry about him graduating before or after me, trusting, mushy gushy every once in awhile but not all the time, in a nutshell, Brendon Hormel, that’s what I like.
Things in people which I dislike:
 Snootiness
 “I’m better than everyone else.” You really aren’t and no one likes you.
 Bad hygiene
 People who talk too big for themselves
 Stupidity
 People who talk down to other people
 People who enjoy being mean
Things that worry me:
 Dying before I made an impact on the world
 Chemistry exams
 Trigonometry exams
 The end of the world
Things I would like to know how to do:
 Whistle
 Sign language
 Speak Croatian
 Apply makeup the right way
 Do a cartwheel
Things that have moved me:
 9/11
 My Great Grandmother’s funeral
 A Walk To Remember
 Memoirs of A Geisha
Ideas that intrigue me:
 Global Warming
 Bible vs. Science
 Debates
 That I could actually be something someday
My personal favorites:
 My boyfriend
 My friends
 Writing
 Reading
 “Secret Life of the American Teenager”
 “The First Part Last” by Angela Johnson
 My Chemical Romance
 Nightwish
 Evanescence
 Trying everything just to touch my dreams
 “New Classic” by Drew Seely and Selena Gomez
 “Famous Last Words” by My Chemical Romance
 A Walk To Remember
 Juno
 Robin B Hood
 Memoirs of a Geisha

Song Lyrics:
"We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel

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