Thursday, February 12, 2009

Looking for angels

No chapter to put up today because I am blogging from Creative Writing, not from my home computer where all my chapters are saved so no chapter to put up today. I have to actually type alot. Well, not alot, I guess technically we only need six sentences but I'm a big fan of run on sentences as you can probably tell because I am only on my second sentence and look how much of this post these two little sentences have already took up.

Ok, enough with the obsessive compulsive run on sentences. I need to rant, this is a ranting post YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED Don't like it? Don't read.

Ok, so as I have previously stated I am in creative writing class with Amanda and Hinkle. Now, I am NOT ranting about them, alright? I'm ranting about this chick who i don't even know her name has a severe staring problem. Like, everytime I'm talking to Hinkle or Amanda or Brittany or even Kim, she just stares at me. And If Hinkle, Amanda or Kim talk she stares at them. Its so obnoxious. Next time she does it, I'm just going to stare back at her. Be like, what now? HUH?
Oh, and she keeps like randomly looking over at me. What is her problem, seriously? I don't even know who she is!!!! (and I wouldn't take the time to go and find out because I think she's a homocidal maniac secretly planning my death or something OH GOD, hope that doesn't get my blog blocked ) But yeah, anyways, that was my little rant for today. It's healthy to rant every once in awhile. You should all try it. Its very invigorating

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Looking For Angels by Skillet

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B.D.C said...

I agree... ranting always makes me feel better... babbling is always fun too. Especially when you look at what you wrote and you're like, "WTF was going through my mind?" That happens to me a surprising amount... My subconscious is really messed up... That's what the voices tell me anyway.