Monday, February 9, 2009

Honey, Honey how he thrills me, uh huh honey honey, honey honey nearly kills me.

Thanks so much you guys for the comments. Here's the first chapter of my Autobiography:

Letter of Introduction

The word “Speesh” doesn’t really exist, though I predict that about seventy five percent of you tried to look it up before deciding whether or not you really wanted to read this. While researching this word, you found it had no definition (at least not according to or Webster). You googled it and all you found was my myspace, facebook, and my blog and my pictures.
Well, the word Speesh is the exact definition of me.
Alright, I lied, if you looked up Erin Howie in the dictionary that defined everyone in the entire world, it would say: “scientific name: Rinnius Dramasus, a very short, extremely dramatic, red furred creature that resides in the middle of a freezing winter land normally known as Pennsylvania.”
That’s beside the point. The word ‘speesh’ originated from my ninth grade geometry class (which I barely passed). I was trying to playfully insult my best friend, Hortencia and it came out as “Speesh”, ever since then all of my friends use it. We even call ourselves the ‘Speesh’ club.
Now if there ever comes a time; after I’ve written thirty New York Bestsellers, four of my books turned into movies, become a famous actress, had a city named after me and am officially richer than Bill Gates, that ‘speesh’ gets admitted into the dictionary, the definition will be: a crazy, fun, sweet person with a big heart . A person who will always have your back and would help anyone no matter who it was.”
That is the definition of a Speesh.
That is not the full definition of Erin Howie.

That was the first chapter of my Autobiography! What do you think?

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B.D.C said...

Really good. It's much better than what my autobiography would be... assuming I ever try to write an autobiography... Knowing me, if I decided to do it, I wouldn't start until I'm on my deathbed... HOORAY FOR PROCRASTINATION! :P