Monday, October 20, 2008

And this was my weekend

Friday: (Yes, I count that as the weekend) I stayed after school with Angela and Melissa the two most awesome girls you will ever meet. I froze my A$$ off at the game but it was worth while because we WON! 18 to 13 baby!!!!

Saturday: Homecoming dance!!!! It was one of the best nights of my life, I didn't get a picture with everybody that I said I would, but I got tons with Brendon.

Sunday: This day was AWESOME! I went with Brendon and his sweet grandparents to church. Afterwards I stayed at his house until around seven thirty at night. It was really great. We were walking around the development at one point and he was wearing this hunting jacket and I pretended to scream and said "Ahhh its a monster" and I was walking a little bit in front of him and he came up behind me and wrapped the jacket around me and pulled me close and said "I ate you." It was adorable and funny all at the same time. One of the funniest and funnest moments would have to be when we got in a play fight over a rock and I told him if he could get the rock from me I'd give him a kiss and I was standing on the rock. He said "Oh, that's easy" and he just picked me up and moved me beside him. So I kissed him and then I kissed him again and again and again and again and again and again because his kisses are like chocolate, you can't just have one because they are so addicting.


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