Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its only four more days until HOMECOMING!

OH MY GOD! I can't wait. I finnally picked out which earrings I wanted to wear and which shoes. I know what I am doing with my nails now. I'm getting a french manicure but instead of getting the tips just painted white I'm thinking about getting them painted the color of my dress which you all know is a deep purple. I tried my dress on last night! I lost enough weight to fit into it! YAY! I can't wait. I'll be at the Powderpuff games and the bonfire tomorrow night not that it really matters to anybody on here but yea. I'll be there. This is the first year that I'm actually going to the games and the bonfire, I never went before.

Freshman year- I didn't go because I didn't know about it plus the only dance I went to my freshman year was Sno-ball because I kinda sorta had a date....its a difficult story to understand.

Sophmore Year- I don't know why I didn't go last year, I just didn't. Yet, one of my best freinds went to the powderpuff games and threatened my boyfriend...kind of, she interragated him. She said that if he hurt me (keep in mind, at the time he wasn't my boyfriend yet....he was soon to be but he wasn't yet) that she'd hurt him. And he said that he would never hurt me and that soon he was going to ask me out. The only dances I went to my sophmore year- Homecoming and King of Hearts.


I love it how some people find new things to complain about everyday even though nothing and no one is really bothering them. I really think that people like that just really hate themselves and that's why they feel the need to take it out on everybody else.

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