Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mary Sue-ish

Another term in Fanfiction world. It means basically that you're fanfic is overly cute and tragically unbelievable, that nothing in your fanfic makes any sense. I just thought I'd put that up.

Okay, I left a message on my last updated chapter on "Perpetual Love" to all the flamers of the world that they need to knock it off. Oh, and guess what? She didn't actually tear apart my first chapter like I thought she had. My first chapter was eight pages long. No, she didn't tear up my first chapter. She tore up (verbally) my PROLOGUE! The prologue wasn't even a whole page long. It is a PROLOGUE! Its supposed to be short and vague! That's why its a PROLOGUE! Its not supposed to be long and give away the story! Its simply a tiny introductory part of the book to capture the attention of the readers! If she had simply read the actual FIRST CHAPTER she would've seen that all of the things she was saying were bad were actually EXPLAINED IN THE FIRST CHAPTER! God, I hate people sometimes.

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