Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yes, Erin is actually going to stay at Band practice all night tonight.

Weird title, no? Well, I thought I'd just state a fact. I have basically decided that I really don't care anymore about what they say to me or do to me. I see myself as indestructible so from now on I don't care if people take their bad moods out on me because god knows I'm used to it. And I'm really only talking about like two people imparticular, one is on guard and another is on band. The one in band probably doesn't even know how much she irks me because I try to stay away from her and for the people in band that are reading this, NO ITS NOT ANNA! I freaking love Anna. Its someone whose name starts with an A though, if you can't figure things out from there, woooow you are pretty dang stupid.

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