Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why I am 'involved' in all of this

I was involved what I was involved in solely because one of my best friends came to me crying. And obviously it wasn't tottally all the one girl's fault. It was the one boy's too. But the one girl could've been the better person and yea, I could've been the better person as well. But I am not a better person, I never will be. Not when it comes to my friends. I was involved in this because when someone comes to you crying, you don't just ignore them. As soon as your best friend comes to you crying, you comfort her and you take her side because that's what friends do. I have taken that one girl's emotional abuse for too long and yes, I will own up and admit that I have emotionally abused back but considering that she emotionally abused first, it was self defense. I changed my blog url so now she won't even know that I even said this. She has always blamed me for everything that has gone wrong in her life and pretty soon i just got used to it. I will not stand for her doing that to another person. This blog is in place of the one I put before. I will apologize solely to Mr.Miller for not being appropriate since this blog does count as a school assignment. I will not apologize for the things I said becuase they were what I feel and I can't just delete what I feel. Or how I feel or How she makes me feel, how year after year since I moved to this godforsaken state she has made me feel like dirt and scum. she has countlessly made me feel like a bug on her windsheild. So yea, I retaliated and I probably shouldn'tve but when someone keeps shoving your face in the dirt do you just let them and suffocate or do you fight? If you can come up with a reasonable explanation for why I should just suffocate then and only then will I apologize to that girl for my true feelings. Only then will I say that I am wrong.

Until then I am not going to let ANYONE push my face in the dirt anymore.


Lisa Marie said...

erin I feel bad. i can't take this whole thing i wanna do something nobody will like ugg.

Lisa Marie said...

hey i cahnged my url it is

Anything_in_Mind said...

ok...this may or may not have anything to do with this post....but i didn't know where else to put this comment. OK...the comment you left for me on the fifth on my post titled "fun fun fun"....what the hell do you mean by "you never change do you?" Cuz....i don't quite see what the hell i did....after we supposedly resolved our problem...to piss you off. Once more, please explain cuz i'm a little lost.

Erin said...