Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Its only three more days until HOMECOMING

Again, I tell you...I AM SOOOO EXCITED for homecoming! The powderpuff games are tonight and the bonfire! Can't wait to go to that either! I am so bringing my camera and taking like half a dozen pictures of me with whoever I can find.
People who are going that I want to take a picture with:
2. Haylie
3. Kate
4. Pumpkin
5. Amber
6. Anna
8. Reba
9. Tracy (i think she's coming)
10. Chelsea
11. Jenny
12. Brittany
I will kidnap them and force them to take a picture with me. I will I'll do it. Don't tempt me. haha. Oh my gosh, do you know that there is this thing on youtube that when you go to leave a comment on someone's video you can click this thing called "Audio....somethingorother" and it reads it back to you in this Chinese guy's's really weird.

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