Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm sorry I'm not home right now, I'm walking through spiderwebs

Musical rehearsal today. People were being obnoxious about it. Yea, I have never been in musical before but I know what I'm doing I don't need you screaming at me. I can figure things out on my own or you can talk to me calmly. Those are the only two options, because screaming at me is not going to get you anywhere. Oh, and just because you have one line or you sing one little part that i don't get to sing, doesn't make you so much better than me. You're just being a serious jerk.

I like musical, I like going to practice. I have fun. That's what Masser told us to do was to have fun with it but when people are constantly screaming at me and acting like I'm stupid just because I can't get a dance right the first time, its not so fun anymore.

Ah well, that was my little rant.
Things to live by:
Don't be mean to people. It'll benefit you in the end.
Try Pay It Forward once in awhile. Doing little things for people will make you feel good. Believe it.
Laugh often!
Love much!
Don't dwell on the past
Accept that you are wrong sometimes. Fifty percent of the time, you are, accept it and apologize, the words I'm sorry aren't hard to say.
Say Please and Thank You. AND your welcome. AND Bless you.
Don't swear...often.
Have Fun at Musical and ignore the 'I'm so much better than you are' people because in reality they have two eyes, two hands, two legs, two feet, ten fingers and toes just like you do...unless they have some kind of freakish mutation.
Smile at everyone, even the people you secretly hate.

Song Lyrics from:
Spiderwebs by No Doubt.

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