Friday, January 23, 2009

Take all my pieces of doubt and let me be what's underneath

Brendon's great grandmother fell, he went to see her today. I hope she's alright, I've already been through that. My great grandmother passed away this summer. It was hard. I hope she's alright though.

So I just read Deavan's character writing post. That was take your breath away wow. She's really good!

I'm not going to Sno-ball, no matter what anyone says. I'm saving out for Prom. I can not afford a dress at the moment but I start working in april, so I should be able to buy a dress for prom. Yes, my parents are now making me pay for my own dresses, shoes and my hair appointment when it comes to a dance. A bunch of us are thinking of getting a limo this year because it's the last year for the Seniors in "us" and the rest of "us" to do something crazy together. (All of us being in musical together probably classified as crazy. If you had any idea how many times we've ticked off Alyssa Fellows already you'd know why.) But yea, no Sno-ball for little Erin. It seems like alot of people aren't going. Probably saving out for Prom like me.

Oh well, that's enough for now.

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"Courage Is..." by The Strange Familiar

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