Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Someday I will wake up and realize I made up everything

One, two, three, four, five. Five. That is the number of E's that Were in the title of this blog. This is nuts on my first day of creative writing (Which mind you has TWO e's in the name) he gives us this crazy assignment. Writing an ESSAY of two hundred words without a single e. I have 149 words so far and it was sooooo difficult. Oh my god. I just need fifty one more words, that's another thing, you have to spell out all numbers and you can not use contractions. It's soooo hard!!!!!

Twenty nine e's in that paragraph.

Song Lyrics are From:
"Can't Be Saved" by Senses Fail.


Lisa Marie said...

lol. in fact it's stylish to raise your skirts and bob your hair. lol but i didn't mean for it to be that. i only realized that after i typed it there. it was meant for hinkle to realize that he was to invading of my personal space and he needs to know that and back away a little bit. lol but thats still funny.<3

Erin said...

I THOUGHT it was stylish but I was unsure of myself. :>