Thursday, January 8, 2009

A part of who i used to be is screaming out "Someone someone please, shine a light through the black and wade through the depths and bring me back!"

Relationships are difficult. Hearts are easily broken. Girls are easily hurt. Men don't tread softly on their feelings. Remember when you've got a great boyfriend and he gives you a chance to clear the slate, take it. You were wrong. You were always wrong and you will always be wrong, accept it, accept it, accept it. I heard that if you say things three times, its good luck. Knock on wood. OW. I hurt my knuckles.
I am a clean slate. A clean slate of emotion. I have no emotion. I am a robot. Screw emotion. All it does is make things difficult.

Song Lyrics from:
"I Need You" by Relient K

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