Monday, January 26, 2009

The quiet scares me because it screams the truth.

Have you ever taken one of your old year books and wondered whatever became of that girl in second grade that you never saw again? Well, the wonders of myspace never cease to amaze me. It has a way of making old friends become friends again but it also has the knack of forcing someone's unwanted company on you. But that's where this nifty little "Block this user" button comes in! Anyway, I was looking up Natasha Young, any of you people from Fredericksburg Elementary remember her? She like disappeared from the face of the earth. Well, i found her on myspace. Oh my gosh, she has gotten so pretty and she is really thin. The only way i knew it was her was from her face. She still has the same face as she did in that second grade picture, but she's just really really pretty. Anyway, after I discovered that I could find people this way I began looking up everyone in my year book that I didn't ever see again after elementary school. I found my book buddie, Seneca (i hated her, she was a snooty little first grader at the time), she still looks the same. and I found Britney Ealy, I couldn't stand that chick, she still looks exactly the same and hasn't grown or matured an inch.

That was the only exciting thing I did all weekend. I have a very sad life.

Song Lyrics:
"Sober" by Pink

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